FOUND : Fragment Fifteen: Reunions and Revivals - Gnascorius


Named in honor of Cole and Deeds’ return from Neithernor, Marty’s safe return to Basecamp, and our success in re-activating the Chronocompass despite our challenges.

Here is the code for unlocking the Chronocompass for this round, for easy reference:
Ramble - Alice - South East - Thornmouth
Alice - Bow Bridge - South West - Balimora
Bow Bridge - Strawberry - South West - Balimora
Strawberry - Cherry - East - Ebenguard
Cherry Hill - Obelisk - North East - Flinterforge
Obelisk - Summit Rock - Northwest - Gossmere



Good name. Hopefully we won’t have a reunion with any shady persons…


Just tried it again, still kicking back to start.


Do a bunch of people need to do it at once? Or is it telling us we’ll be dealing with things in the present from now on?


Usually we have multiple people input it at the select time.


Just tried it again, no dice.


Not 9…


Not 10, and I also checked to see if maybe the Contact page started working, but Art is still the only clickable one.


GUYS!!! We are talking to the past!




So what now?


We wait till 12 is my guess.


So we’re…we’re in the lodge?! :scream: The way it says “currently 0 users online,” it reminds me of a chat room? Maybe we’ll get a chance to instant message with…whoever’s remaining.


Good time for Skylad to rejoin the fray


But did this just appear at 9? So will the next thing be at 9 in the morning? Or will it be throuought the day? Since there were no chimes maybe it works whenever there’s someone on the site in the past and isn’t necessarily scheduled as rigidly?


It appeared at 11. I don’t know how it will work, maybe we can see it and only talk for a certain period?


But I thought the site was down and they’d gone back to using email


I was confused for a minute and then I remembered time zones


They weren’t using the site because the Storm instantly got you or found you if you did.


I concur with 5’s assessment. Given there are no chimes, maybe it’s open for a certain window, users can kind of float in and out and chat…and during that time we have access to them. Kind of like the way a chat room would function, but with limitations on our end?

Though there’s no input box. So maybe either we’re meant to only observe, or we won’t get the ability to send messages until later.