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Welcome to the Ackerly Green Community Forum!

Below you’ll learn about how the forum works, including helpful rules, trust levels you can earn, how in-world and out-of-world functions, and how you can choose how immersive an experience you’d like to have!


We pride ourselves on a supportive, creative, and nurturing environment. We have leaders and leader-mods who help keep our community operating at peak performance, but we expect new readers to read the rules, and adhere to them. If you run into problems or are having trouble, please reach out to a mod or your Guild Leader. That’s what they’re there for. :cjheart:

Introduce Yourself:

Visit the Welcome Topic and introduce yourself to the community.

Ask Away:

Already read the Primer and the rules but still have questions about the community or narrative? Ask them here!

Trust Levels

Trust Level Zero: Recruit This is where everyone begins. You’ll be able to read and contribute to out-of-world categories like the Creationary, Book Club, The Cabinet of Wonders, and the out-of-world Community Projects. You’ll also be able to read the immersive In-World categories that take place within the narrative of the Magiqverse. You’ll also be able to catch up with The Monarch Papers Archive.

Trust Level One: Regular Trust Level One will grant you the ability to contribute to the in-world categories which have their own set of creative categories, projects, and immersive rules. You can introduce yourself as whoever you want to be, crafting a persona for yourself within the Magiqverse. Whatever happens here is happening inside the narrative of the Ackerly Green Magiqverse novels.

Trust Level Two: Magimystic At Trust Level Two, you’ll gain access to the hidden Discord server where readers can have more casual and constant out-of-world discussions and better get to know one another. This server has rules for participation and posting, but it’s a fun, casual place to stay in touch with your friends and fellow readers.

Trust Level Three: PRSFNE The highest level aside from the Leadership Trust Level Four, Trust Level Three grants you access to the PRSFNE project, which stands for “Polyguildic Research Society For Neithernorian Exploration.” PRSFNE is a fully immersive role-play environment, where readers can explore the wilds of Neithernor, the Magiqverse’s secret pocket world. Think Dungeons & Dragons meets a community text adventure.

The Forum Worlds

The front page of the forum is a complete out-of-world (OOW) experience. It will give you a near-complete overview of everything happening on the forum.

But keep an eye out for categories and topics that are colored purple, because they are in-world (IW) and designed specifically for IW creation and discussion.

While you will be able to read them when you first join, you won’t be able to post in purple categories until you’ve reached Trust Level One, which requires getting involved in the community and having joined for a short but required amount of time.

This requirement allows you to get the lay of the land and understand how the worlds work and what you can post where. The In-World categories are all happening within Ackerly Green’s literary Magiqverse. You could become a character yourself!

Once you have access to Trust Level One and can post in the IW categories, you may choose to see the IW view as the front page of the site. To do that, simply click on the preferences gear in the main menu:


In the left menu, click “Interface”, which will take you to a page of options. At the bottom, you’ll find this checkbox:


Which will swap your front page default to the in-world view.

Language Magiq:

If you’re from a non-English speaking country, you’ll find a globe symbol below posts which will allow you to translate conversations into your native language (and your posts into ours!) so that we can play together and learn from each other!

If you have questions, please reach out to your guild leader who will be happy to answer any questions you have! The current Leadership Roster is:

Weatherwatch - Captains: @Remus and @Skylad
Gossmere - Calls to Hearth: @Augustus_Octavian and @OracleSage
Flinterforge - Head Artificer and Runekeeper: @Revenir and @Viviane
Ebenguard - The Scale: @Deyavi and @Ginger
Thornmouth - The First Word: @Sellalellen
Balimora - The Chaos Quorum: @Steve and @Helios

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