Flora and Fauna of the MAGIQ-Verse


@Robert ohhhhh


I absolutely love this drawing and that you did it I’m the style of the other pictures we’ve gotten so far!


Sorry, my camera sucks.

I kind of want a real Furomaris to keep in my fishtank… that would be awesome.


Those are great!


Give me all the furomarii! Great work!


Oh man, those are so cool! I want to keep a brachursis in a little jar, use it to scare off any intruders. :smiling_imp:


Imagine if that thing were full bear sized though. Pinchers and teeth everywhere… I want one.


These are so awesome. I would like one of each please

I am especially fond of the Galluskulk, and would like a whole flock… or pack… Err den, maybe? of those


There are also pixies in this world right? The exam in the guide mentioned bringing a palenosed(i think) pixie with you


is sitting here thinking of building out a menagerie of different creatures, while now incorporating these, cause magiq fauna would develop odd new things, and might account for some of the Urban legends in the Mundane. Is going to Make a Fauna List and add to it, cause i Really want to create more.