Flora and Fauna of the MAGIQ-Verse


Hey guys, so as I was sorting through some of the material from past fragments, it occurred to me that we don’t really know a lot about, well, what the fragments are. I mean, sure, we know that the first four are flowers and the second four are some kind of animals, but that’s pretty general, right?

So I thought it would be cool if maybe we theorized or designed some aspects of the different flowers and animals in the magiq-verse? Here are some things were know:

  • Eye of the Moons have vines, and you’re not meant to look into them once plucked.
  • According to Cole’s dream of The Last Traveler, obenhedge/vhelicorus look kind of like branches.
  • We don’t know anything about Siren’s Lace or any of the fauna fragments.
  • We know what the Fraylily looks like from Cole’s sketch, and the Book’s image. Fraylilies grow in a place called the Fray.

I thought I’d start us off. Here’s a quick little painting I did of what the Eye of the Moons might look like:

I thought it would be a kind of plant that has patterns similar to ridges on the Moon, and that it might glow a little in the night time. I kind of based the general shape off of a ghost orchid. And of course, there’s the vines.

So, what do you guys think? Have any sketches or prose you’d like to share? :open_mouth:

Magiqmystical Effects: Possible adaptation and evolution of fauna and flora in Neithernoor

Also, if people are feeling particularly creative they can come up with designs or concepts for the animals of the last phase - Brachursis, Galluskulk, Furomaris, and Tigrantula


Don’t forget Ichthywara. :slight_smile:


I missed most of last phase, but aren’t those combos of two animals?


Oh yeah - what about Caprathorn and Equicorun as well?


They are, but in the magiqverse it seems as though they are their own animals. Kind of like a hybrid of a couple different types?


I hate to ask but if your not busy could you make a list of what animals are hybrids of?


I think someone broke them down somewhere, but couldn’t find it. Here are some of my guesses though?

Brach + Ursis = ??? + Bear?
Gallus + kulk = Rooster + Fox?
Furo + maris = Ferret + ??
Tigr + antula = Tiger + Tarantula?

Oh, they could also just be hybrids of the gold pieces as well:

Brachursis = Crab + Rooster
Galluskulk = Bear + Cougar
Furomaris = Spider + Ferret
Tigrantula = Deer + Fish


• Brach could be a brachiopod (like a mollusk) or an archaic word for a female hunting hound
• Ursis - bear

• Gallus - rooster
• Skulk/kulk – skulk is a term used to describe a group of foxes?

• Furo – could mean ferret?
• Maris - could be a gastropod (like a snail)?

• Tigr – could mean tiger?
• -rantula – could mean tarantula?

• Ichthy – could mean fish?
• -wara – unknown

• Capra - goat
• -thorn – unknown

• Equi – could mean horses or some sort of equine in general?
• -corun - unknown

Lots of unknowns and question marks lol. I think that people can be relatively creative and play around with whatever they want. Who knows, we might one day get confirmation from the book or elsewhere as to what these creatures are exactly. For now, take creative liberties.


I believe @Nahemah 's analysis went like this. I believe this is the pattern @Brendon used to build the tetrahedron.

Brachursis: Crab + Bear
Brachyura is the infraorder to which crabs belong to
Ursis means bears in latin

Galluskulk: “Rooster” (the other name is censored) + Fox
Gallus means rooster in latin
Skulk is the name given to a group of foxes

Furomaris: Ferret + Fish
Mustela putorius furo is the scientific name for ferret
Maris comes from the latin for “sea” (this one is a bit of a stretch…)

Tigrantula: Tiger + spider
I think this one is obvious :slight_smile:

Caprathorn: Goat + Deer
Capra is latin for goat
Thorn might refer to the deer’s antler (this is also a bit of a stretch…)


That’s beautiful! I’ll attempt to draw some of the different creatures, but they won’t look as good as yours.


I think that maybe the fragment animals are hybrids, but the rest are just a kind of… whatever they are? Like the Caprathorn is a kind of goat beast, but a Tigrantula would be a tiger striped hybrid tarantula or whatever.

Also, wasn’t the ichthywara seen on egg.png ?


Yes, I believe they were the fairy-type creatures that @Arym pointed out? Or am I misremembering?


I thought it was the beast in the water!


Gah! I bet you’re right! I think I’m confusing it with one of the creatures from the first four fragments. Pay no attention to me.


Wait, ichthywara is the egg beast? I thought that was the hippocampus? o-o


See thats the thing, I don’t know! I figured it was, but who knows at this point! :sweat_smile:


Maybe ichthywara is the scientific or genus name of the hippocampus?


The papers are gone!:scream_cat:


They still exist. http://bookofbriars.com/faunarewards-3/

I believe the book is just preparing to move onto the next key.