Fantastic Fridays #9

Hey everyone!

It’s my 3 year anniversary today of being a Mountiee, so let’s celebrate today by talking about what out favorite moments have been!
Happy Friday everyone!


Let’s welcome @m.alo and @hippie.aesthete this week!


Happy Anniversary 5!

One of my favorite moments from this place was you and @Nimueh coming up with a pet for me in Neithernor. That day still makes me smile.


Okay, so obvs I’ve only been around a few weeks. At present the message from Saberlanes husband and peoples reactions to it. It was so pleasant.
But some DEEP LORE.
I’ve been following the forums and the story since its inception, I got advertised to on facebook, it nearly formed a substantial part of my english dissertation and the novel form.
I remember checking out the various blog posts in thr days following the storm and feelong that sense of calm, loss and collective experience wash over me at the relief of the drama being over.


I only joined last summer so I missed all of the original narrative, but I think my favorite thing so far has been the sense of community even in a kind of “in-between” time and getting to not only get to know the lore but also the wonderful mounties! Which makes a huge impact for me as a highly anxious person who spends most of my time lurking because I’m never quite sure how to say what I want to say.

As for significant moments, the beginning of Neithernor Reborn was definitely really neat, and I’m excited to see where the RPG element will go from here, as well as getting to reconnect with Eaves and some of the other characters I had previously only read about in TMP that now seem kind of like meeting a living legend in the current narratives!


Me being bad at picking favourites lets go:

  • Being asked to be a Guild Leader !!
  • Inviting @Robert to Ebenrest
  • 4 AM Squad
  • The Day of Change (especially seeing all the characters come together alongside the Mounties)
  • Robert
  • So many cool friends!!
  • Discovering we were talking to ‘94 Augernon (I literally screeched I was so excited)
  • Robert’s existence
  • The fact we started calling Augo’s children Auglets because it makes me so happy
  • When @AG_Catherine joined AGP! Because she’s amazing! (Not that Devin wasn’t/isn’t! It just felt like we were welcoming someone home rather than getting used to a new person. Plus she’s cool and her instagram is an aesthetic goal)
  • This is really a Robert appreciation post in disguise because his interactions always make my day even if I’m just reading them.
  • Dark Mode

My favorite moment was @CJB offering me the Wagoneer position because I had only been on the forum for about two weeks and I couldn’t believe the author of the books I was reading had directly messaged me to ask me to help him out. It was a much more chaotic role at the time because we would get several new Mounties a day and I was working full-time that summer. I’m still super thankful that he was willing to trust someone so new with a unique job and it helped me get more comfortable interacting with the community. Also the cataclysm spell because it was the first in-world event I got to take part in.


Happy anniversary @Mr5yy!

I love these replies! :cjheart:


Oh Lord, I remember 4 am squad. I was so happy to have a job where I was at work at that time and was able to see and participate in it.


@Ginger :cjheart: :cjheart: :cjheart:!!

I have too many favorite moments to name! Getting to know all of you has been an absolute delight and seeing your reactions anytime we drop a new piece of narrative or lore is just the MOST fun. I have the coolest job in the world.


Happy Anniversary 5!

My favorite moment has had to be the Fern and Way’s Concealment/Mountain’s Shroud video spellcasting: it was this strange, cool thing that I couldn’t have seen myself doing even 6 months prior to that day. It’s one of my most vivid memories as a Mountie, and includes @Sellalellen, the first other Mountaineer that I “saw” outside of the forum.


I almost forgot about that! That was a really cool one.
Edit: looking back at the video it appears I dressed to be my most intimidating self. I hope I didn’t scare anyone suddenly joining the hangout like that :joy: