Fantastic Fridays #14

Hey everyone!

I hope you’re having a good day and have been keeping safe!

For this Fantastic Friday, let’s talk about our favorite stories, movies, TV shows, etc. that involve mythology!

Have a good day!


Well, I feel Rick Riordan’s work and Lore Olympus are a few of the big obvious ones for this crowd. :endriwink:


I really enjoyed Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology. I’ve always been a fan of myths; one of my favorite books growing up was a book of global mythology organized by culture and into encyclopedia-like entries, with beautiful illustrations. I think what I enjoyed most about Gaiman’s book was the synthesis of what I always thought of as disparate myth-tales into an overarching narrative story.


The Magicians: completely irreverant and very funny. Gets way better after the first season.


History Channel’s Vikings is quite good. I haven’t seen all of it, but they do awesome things with the lore and mixing legends with history. And Lagertha is a supreme being. It’s violent though. Very. Because vikings. :no_mouth: So, proceed with caution if needed.

I loved the early seasons of Supernatural for how it used folklore in such a practical, every day life sort of way.

Of course, American Gods (the book…the show is visually cool, but has hurt me). It’s one of the first anythings I encountered that used Eastern European mythology and I love the " Coming to America" sections!

My most recent favorite is Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse, a post-apocalyptic monster hunter story that is based in Navajo legends and is just pure cool and epic.