Fantastic Friday #20

Hey everyone!

Hey everyone, it’s the 20th FF. :tada:
Sorry that it’s been so long since the last Fantastic Friday, but here we are again!

I have one last week til the summer camp I’m working at is over, so be prepared for more Fantastic Fridays in the future!

For this week’s topic, let’s talk about our favorite MMOs, both past and present or any that you’re looking forward too!

Have a good week and I’ll see you again in August!



Let’s welcome @Lexvoid to the forum this Fantastic Friday!


MMOs are some of my favorite game types, just below RPGs.
I can’t say I have a single favorite MMO, but some of my favorite MMOs are Warframe, RuneScape (Like 2009 version), SW: The Old Republic, and Destiny 2.
There’s a couple more that I love, but I can’t remember them at the moment.

Edit: I somehow forgot about FFXIV, probably one of the video games I have the most hours in. :man_facepalming:


My favourite MMO is Wakfu! I love it because it allows you to play completely pacifistic if you want, as monsters don’t chase you down at all, and it has turn-based combat, which is really rare for mmos! you don’t have to fight if you don’t want to, aside from a few specific quests, and a lot of the design for the world is really pretty! (I have my gripes with a few of the character designs, but that’s just because I’m a character designer myself and I know what I like) :cherry_blossom:


Not a big fan of MMO’s personally, but I put up with them for good storylines (MMORPG’s ftw lol) or for feeding my inner fan girl

So my faves overtime have been:
Runescape (also the older version haha)
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Lord of the Rings Online

One I’ve always wanted to get into but keep getting busy and forgetting: Elder Scrolls


I love me some MMO’s; before i left for deployment i was really heavy into playing them.

Some that i have enjoyed have been
World of Warcraft (still active and have been since the old days of vanilla)
Star Trek Online
Star Wars Galaxies (though it has since been closed)
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Elder Scrolls Online

Looking forward to the upcoming Magic: Legends. Its a Magic the Gathering MMORPG and i’m really excited for it.


I very briefly paid to play WoW with Ashbro one summer. The rest of my playing (of WoW, spread across a few years) had been create character, play until the free level cutoff, make another character, repeat. :deirdrexd:

And I wasn’t particularly good at the whole multiplayer part; if it was convenient I’d join in without much planning on helping someone who happened to be clearly working on the same quest that could do with more than one person, then wandering off to do my own thing again.


The only MMO I’ve really played is Wizard101. I honestly don’t know how to explain why that was the game I latched onto, but I’ve put a ton of time (and money :cagsko:) into this weird game. I’ve never really met anyone who played it to the extent I did, but I think that was part of it. When I was playing it the most was in middle school when I didn’t have a lot of friends to play with in person, so I think it just came to me at the right time :ascendershrug:

I’ve also dabbled in Runescape (Classic and the new version), but I never really got into it. Same with WoW (that time, though, I just got really lost and couldn’t figure out how to go home).


I always wanted to get into MMORPGs but I’m a terrible fighter & they all heavily rely on that. And my wife isn’t keen on me spending a lot of time online, so after moving in together in 2009, I don’t get to game at all.

I looked at Wizard101 years ago, but again with not having a lot of time on my computer, couldn’t pick up anything new. I still pop into Neopets a few times a week, I played a TON in college, maybe to the detriment of a few grades.