Fantastic Friday #18

Hey Everyone!
Sorry for being so late, the last two weeks have been quite hectic. I hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe and healthy!

For this weeks FF, let’s talk about what animal(s) you think represent you the best!

Have a good week and happy 4th of July!



Oooh, this is a super interesting question!
So in terms of animals people tend to identify me as I’ve had bear, eagle, wolf, cat and owl so generally carnivorous predators.
I feel a lot of affinity and kinship with Snails, Otters and crows, all remind me a lot of home. I even have an otter that I recognise on site!
Pottermore pins me as a blackbird and Ive had flatmates say this is accurate to me


I’ve had fox, magpie, elephant, and, in the case of one very VERY ex-boyfriend, walrus. Guess which one stuck!


Belated but!

I’ve had friends tell me I remind them of a snake , cat, alligator, or albatross? Mostly a snake tho hiss hiss :snake:


right now i feel like an owl, but usually i like being a human (usually considered an animal, by strict scientific terms anyway) i’d take a sloth as well sometimes.


Mostly cats, domesticated and large animal. Pottermore gave me a hyena so I’m cool with that too. However, my mom calls me a raccoon because of my late night rummaging in the kitchen lol.


I relate to cats quite a bit.

I just want to nap all day in the sunlight, and have people shower me in cuddles and affection but only on my terms, and occasionally just zoom around for the fun of it.


I’ve mostly been compared to crows or cats. Crows I guess because of the black and drawn to shiny things. My friends also say my body language is more like a cat’s than that of a human so I get compared to them a lot.