Fantastic Friday #17

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the late post and welcome to this weeks Fantastic Friday!

I hope everything is going well for all of you! A quick update for everyone: I am currently working my second year now as a camp counselor and Fantastic Fridays may be late until August.

Otherw than that, this week, let’s talk about our favorite household “gags”.
I.E, how toilet paper should be put on, if you put milk in your cereal first etc!

I hope everyone has a good week and I’ll see you all next Friday


These are a bit late, but let’s welcome @ariaforge and @Arleen to the forum!


Cereal before milk, definitely. One that my roommate and I were just talking about actually was do you do water then toothpaste on to the toothbrush, or toothpaste then water (I’m a water-toothpaste-more water anomaly).


I do water-brush-water-toothpaste-water-brush again.


I don’t have strong opinions on the toothpaste-water order, but my roommate and I have a whole debate every time we make sandwiches (especially grilled cheese) because I cut them in half down the middle so it’s symmetrical, whereas she cuts them diagonally.


I’m with your roommate on this one. Sandwiches are simply better cut diagonally


I don’t like to cut my sandwiches really, but when I do they’re in half from top to bottom.
I don’t put water in my toothbrush, just put the paste on and brush. Then rinse the brush and brush my teeth with water.


I don’t use toothpaste anymore, I use tooth tabs from lush.
I’m not a fan of mint/chemical strawberry toothpaste which seem to be the only flavours on the shelf.
Tooth tabs need extra water to activate and to avoid them sucking all the moisture from your mouth.

The toilet roll argument, usually boils down to if there are pets or mini humans in the house. Under seems to be more resistant to pet/micro monsters playing with the holder and is less likely to result in the roll being dragged everywhere.

Tea… Never in a microwave! Tea, sugar(or not, your preference), water, remove tea, add milk/lemon as per preference.

Sandwiches, normally they don’t get cut or get cut horizontally if I have mahosive slabs of bread. If I’m feeling particularly childish or ill or I’m making a proper afternoon tea I’ll cut in triangles. The toasty maker crushes my toasty into triangles for me.

Scones… Strawberry jam then clotted cream :slight_smile:

Now I want scones… And I currently have no plans for the day other than shopping… I might make scones this afternoon :smiley:

Update: I made scones and they’re tasty!


Toilet paper sideways on the counter because we’re too lazy to put it on the roll. Skip the milk and eat the cereal dry. There should be a blanket on every piece of sitting/laying furniture that is used even in high summer. Also no crust on sandwiches because they taste disgusting.


100% for blankets on every seat!
Bonus points if they’re heated.


I can’t handle mint toothpaste either! Mine is “herbal” but it mostly tastes like licorice (which I love). I’m a water-toothpaste-water person as well. Then tongue scraper, then water rinse.

I like to cut my sandwiches in four triangles, but that’s mostly because I have a stupid, tiny mouth and it’s easier to eat. I do that to burgers as well - the looks I get in restaurants…


This. THIS. Tea goes into the mug/pot/cup BEFORE the water, all else is an abomination. I don’t understand why people don’t get this.


Hold up. People put milk in the bowl before cereal?!? I’ve never even considered this! I’m instantly internally debating the pro’s and con’s of putting either or first.


Cereal before milk!
And cup > teabag > water


I tried putting milk first the other day, then the cereal came out too fast and I couldn’t put back the excess °~°


thank you


Tea, water, steep, tea out (hang in the laundry room to dry for composting later), sugar+lemon/honey.
I haven’t acquired a taste for milk in tea. Does anyone add sugar to that?


Always sugar -> tea bag -> water -> cream -> tea bag out
I’m not sure why I take the bag out after adding the cream? Maybe just habit at this point.

Oh and my personal little around-the-house pet peeve is when forks and spoons are all mixed together in the dishwasher instead of placed on their own sides of the silverware thing. It makes it so much harder to put away!


Are you point up or point down for silverware in the dishwasher? I thought everyone was point down to avoid stabbies, but I’ve discovered point up people recently.


Depended on the efficacy of the dishwasher (past tense because I haven’t had one in ages :laurencry:), preferred to avoid stabbies, but if the machine wasn’t much good I’d have to risk it to get a better clean.