Fantastic Friday #15

Hey everyone, I hope your Friday is going well!

I’m a bit busy this week, so I thought I’d put up the FF early!

This week, let’s talk about what our favorite memories are!

Have a good weekend!



One of my favorite memories is from early childhood.
Going to a great aunt’s home, a small farmhouse in a rural community. Blue gingham seat cushions and curtains with sunflowers on them. Lunch on the porch-covered patio was watermelon slices, deviled eggs and sandwiches, and iced tea. Orange tabby cat. Cicadas droning in the distance, a few fat bumblebees in the field beyond the patio.
What I wouldn’t give to go back there again.


That sounds wonderful; I want to make deviled eggs now.
I have quite a few favorite memories, but the first one that came to mind is from college, and somewhat bittersweet. My freshman year, we watched a film in my American history class that made me really upset in ways I wasn’t expecting. A friend ran into me shortly after that class, and asked if I was up for being cheered up later that night. Around midnight or so, we slipped around the security patrols and he showed me how to climb the back of the music building. For almost an hour we sat on the roof in the rain, looking out over the misty campus and talking, and to this day he’s one of my dearest friends, but that night had such peace and healing, and a promise of things getting better that I’ve not felt since.


This reminded me of a memory that I hadn’t thought about in years which was also about climbing to the roof of my campus’s music building with friends! I’m deathly afraid of heights and the route up was precarious to say the least, but it was one of those lovely nights that makes me feel all warm and happy just thinking about it now.