Experience with Phobias


I recommend giving the New York subway system a wide, wide berth…I’d never seen a real live rat before in my entire life and now it’s such a common sight I don’t even think about it anymore.

My big one is bugs. Once I spotted a massive roach in my boyfriend’s apartment (the joys of living in NYC) and had to wait outside on the street until he got rid of it, and even then went promptly home afterwards. :joy:

Unsupported heights I’m not great with either. I don’t mind tall buildings/planes/roller coasters, but I almost failed my high school wall climbing class because I would get halfway up the wall and then panic-freeze. Diving boards and cliffs are a big ol’ nope for me too.


Yeah. The times I’ve been on it, I do not as a rule look down.


AG_Catherine went to a high school for ninja. Headcanon accepted.


eyes, honestly. i am not a terribly easily frightened person, but something about cold, dead, dark eyes really spook me. anything to do with eyes, evil eyes and horror films with monsters /ghosts that get very close to eyes, i can’t handle that.

probably an underlying fear of being watched due to that, although i would liken that to more a mild anxiety.


I have an extreme phobia of most insects. Bees, wasps, moths most of all. Summer is hell for me, I generally stay indoors with the windows shut as much as I can bear temperature wise (We don’t have air con here). I had a really severely traumatic incident a couple of months ago with a swarm of bees that I’m still recovering from so really don’t want to go into any more details there but it’s very very bad.

I also have a fear of falling, caused by a recurring childhood nightmare. When I used to go mountaineering I was more comfortable climbing on a vertical face even without a rope than I was walking on fairly uneven/sloped ground. Never got over it, though I did my best to push through. Just cried an awful lot and needed encouragement from whoever I was with, lol.


I think I have something about eyes too, but it’s morphed into a sort of fascination with them?
I’m autistic, so I have an aversion to eye contact, and I get nervous and weird if I’m required to look someone in the eyes. I wouldn’t call it a phobia exactly, but I get uncomfortable.
But I like to look just slightly frightening when it comes to fashion, and while that includes the usual Gothic spiders and spiky things, I am especially drawn to jewelry and accessories with eyes, specifically because I am uncomfortable with them, and so wearing a pendant or something with a realistic eye makes me feel powerful.
There are more stylized eyes in my collection too, but they don’t make me feel as much. They’re just fashion.


I know exactly what you mean with the eye thing :laughing: I love how you deal with your uncomfortableness through your fashion which I must say is amazing!



Well I’m not afraid OF toes, more like something happening to them.

I would always climb up on the sofa when my mum was hoovering because I was convinced she’d hoover up my toes and they’d break off and then I’d have no toes.

I still can’t ride a bike because I was convinced the chain would cut through my shoes and mangle my toes.

Whenever someone talks about a foot- or toe-related injury i get the weirdest shivers and it makes me go YUCKYUCKYUCK which is super weird because I otherwise have a VERY strong stomach! Go on, tell me your best gross stories, they don’t phase me.

I still sit on the sofa and tuck my feet under me if someone else is doing the hoovering though, and I always wear shoes if I have to do the hoovering, just in case.


This is kinda related to this thread but this guy on Instagram does comics about deep dark fears and they’re absolutely brilliant


I mean, it works for Batman :bat:


Eyewoman, she sees all :laughing:

Also more eyes to read with!


You know what’s truly terrifying? People who have no compunction about driving less than two feet behind you, on a just-repaved highway, going over 70mph, in the pouring rain - with nearly bald tires.

I was driving home today, when the rain went from sprinkles, to wipers on third speed and I still can only see two car lengths in front of me. I was on the turnpike doing a little over 50mph - as were the rest of the cars around me - when I noticed this car was less than two feet from my rear bumper. I got concerned, then worried, then downright terrified, when they wouldn’t let up even though I took my life in my hands by tapping on the brakes multiple times. In fact, they sped up! I was going over 70mph - again, in the pounding rain and don’t forget the state of my tires - before there was enough of a gap between cars in the next lane that the one behind me swerved over to get past me, blaring their horn as they sped past, like I was the one doing something wrong.

I may have nightmares about this tonight.


@Alissiya Toe related injuries aren’t actually too common nor are they typically permanent. I’ll spare you the details but one person we picked up… Uh… hmmm… “lost” their toe but the surgeon was able to reattach it so that was neat.

Not to be a debby downer on this phobia train but I don’t really have a phobia. I guess the closest thing would be letting other people down. I guess I’m also afraid of being seen as weak but that’s not to the point of being considered a phobia…


I’m not sure about phobias…I do know I don’t like being alone at night.
Not that I’m afraid of the dark, I find it comforting, more of what’s in the dark.
I suppose my phobia is whatever my anxious brain cooks up for me when I’m half awake at 2am :sweat_smile:
It’s not a phobia, but I can’t deal with certain textures, like rhubarb and pineapple. Just the thought makes me shudder :tired_face:


I have some issues with textures too, but again for me, it’s an autism thing. I can’t stand to touch cardboard, eat pasta sauce, or eat or use anything with rolled oats in it because it’s just Bad sensory.


oh god, dont even get me started on texture. Bloody hell. Uh, lets see… anything similar to the prongs of velcro, anything too slimy, anything that scrapes against my skin in any way, the feelng of hair on my skin, files of any kind, all stuff i hate. Bristles too. Oh, how my skin crawls. AH and SOAP. DRY SOAP. UGH.


Aquariums. Not household ones, the great big ones that are windows into huge tanks and the tunnels you walk through are dark. Sometimes I can’t even handle empty dolphin tanks. It kind of extends to things that seem like aquariums, too. Like the ocean room at the National History Museum. The whale is fine, but there’s a totally dark display towards the back corner that has giant squid/kraken tentacles creeping out of it and that is so full of nope.

I can never go scuba diving or snorkeling. I will totally panic.


Feet will always gross me out, seeing someone wiggle their toes in a commercial or something like that actually makes me cringe and feel sick thinking about it. I’ve always had it and I think I always will, though I have braved up a little and can give my partner a foot massage once a while… though I still have days where I cannot even think of it!
Teeth also freak me out, but more injury related to those because of bad dentist visits that somewhat traumatized me.
Fear of moving vehicles/being in a car accident, having to drive myself, I guess those are common though?

Probably the weird fears that can actually count as phobias are the fear of very broken up pieces of land on maps and slow, rhythmic noises such as clapping.

This is one of the examples of the ‘broken up chunks of land’ thing. I don’t know why it brings on such intense feelings of anxiety and discomfort for me honestly. The sharper and more ‘pattern’ there is to it, the worse it gets for me. (Maps that show the north of Finland, Sweden and Norway are the worst for me. I cannot look at them-- the image here is from the south part of Sweden.)

As for rhythmic though slow noises, I think it stems from a nightmare I had in childhood? Where I would wake up, in my bed, unable to move or speak, seeing someone hang in the corner of my room, pressed against the ceiling and the wall. I’d hear a slow, rhythmic clapping that got louder (As if another set of hands were added with each clap) and louder, and with each clap the shape would get closer and closer.
I woke up screaming and terrified and never managed to forget the sight or the noise. To this day I still get uncomfortable with clapping that’s very much in sync, or slow-ish tapping noises. (If anyone ever watched dr.Who here-- the episodes with ‘the four knocks’ and the master who would constantly make clapping or tapping noises in sets of four made me want to crawl out of my skin. )


I have a phobia of deep water too! Mostly I’m ok with aquariums although I’ve definitely had moments in the past where I had to run through the big tunnel ones because it got Too real for me! But watching underwater documentaries or playing underwater levels in video games can really freak me out. Which is awkward since I love fish and marine biology so I constantly subject myself to it! I used to scuba dive and it actually didn’t get to me at all, although where I dove was very low visibility, and that seemed to help which I absolutely never thought would be the case!


Yeah. I won’t go swimming in deep waters because I’m terrified. No idea why. Doesn’t help any that my inner ears hurt tremendously when submerged in water. Even taking the train from Hamilton, NJ to Penn Station NYC - pretty sure you NYCers will know which I mean - a portion of the track goes through a tunnel that dips below water level, and the one time I rode that route, my inner ears felt like they exploded right as the train went below sea level. I wasn’t actually in water, but all the same, it was a rapid change in pressure.