Enchanted Items


Hey guys, I just had a cool thought, if you could make yourself one enchanted item in the Flinterforge workshop, what would you create, what would it do, why would you need it, and if you want also include part of the mystimaqical process you used in it’s creation :slight_smile: .


So I’ve wanted to ask about this for a while but kept forgetting… So my thought was mabye the memories tied to the object.

So for example I have this necklace that my mother gave me YEARS ago. Its this simple tiger eye stone wrapped in brown rope with wooden beads twined into it. She gave it to me my opening night as my first major role, and I’ve worn it for ever play or public speaking since. So to me it feels enchanted, and since magiq is tied to memory I thought mabye it was?


It would be nice to have something better than ladders to get books off of tall shelves in the Thornhouse. Maybe a sort of box (I’m thinking mostly open like a lift) that can carry people/books/supplies in any direction. It should be able to be moved out of the way or summoned from across the lighthouse in an instant. Maybe we should have more than one. I’m not a Flinterforged though. Maybe our guilds can work together on it?


I have two ideas as for what my object would be. It would either be some sort of portable hole/doorway that would allow you to travel instantly to anywhere that you’d been before, or some kind of timepiece that doesn’t necessarily allow you to alter time, but rather simply “pause” time for a bit allowing you to gather your bearings, assess a situation, or the like. As an introvert, a time-pausing device would be wonderful, allowing me to either calm myself down after having an extremely draining conversation, try and think of something to say in the middle of a conversation-gone-sour, or simply get out of there in a flash!

Edit: I’m not sure what magiq would be used for the “portable portal” (names a work in progress), but for the timepiece it would obviously time shifting from our Thornmouth magiqs! :thornmouth:


I’ve always had a thing for boxes. Any size, shape, color, you name it. I’ve always loved them because, until you open it, there can be anything inside. So over in my tiny woodworking corner of the Flinterforge workshop I’d make a Memory Box. Not just something to hold keepsakes, but a box that magically captures a single memory so perfectly that, upon removing it, it feels as if you’re living the moment all over again. So whatever your favorite memory is, you can put it inside and then relive the experience whenever you want. Of course such a thing could be open to abuse and should be used warily, but all magiq should have an element of danger to it.


I want Mary Poppins’ carpet bag. That is all.


These are all awesome enchanted items! I really like the concept of it being tied to memories, the portal door and time piece are also very creative. I think my object would be a space fracturing amulet, so that when I use it, it can shorten the distance between places and even make temporary pocket dimensions.


Is @Mike a cat in disguise?

X Files Music


Well I do exhibit a feigned disinterest in people and sleep most of the day, so yes, perhaps. :wink:


I found this silver music box at a yard sale the other day. It had several other objects on top of it and honestly I’m not sure why I dug through that particular pile of curtains and perfume bottles. Maybe it was calling to me. It’s solid silver and badly tarnished, but the price was marked as $2. I knew I had to have it right away and brought it to the owner. They said it was only steel which confused me. It’s clearly real silver. I wasn’t going to argue and risk upping the price. I’m not sure how old it is or who owned it, but it feels like there’s history to it. Somehow it feels right for me to have it. If any of my possessions are magiqal, I’m sure it’s this one. It feels as though it has a story to tell me and I almost don’t want to clean up the tarnish. I wonder if I can use Tome Kindling on a music box?


That’s an excellent idea @Sellalellen ! I hadn’t even thought of the implications of using Tome Kindling on things like music boxes or sheet music (especially hand-written ones). Would that allow the user to be transported to a realm of music, or maybe the first time the piece was performed, or what it was intended to be an interpretation of? The possibilities are endless!!

Ok, maybe not endless, but very exciting for me!


Enchanted item list:

a teapot that pours tea exactly as the drinker likes it.
A chair that never stops being comfy.
A pen that saves your written work.
A way to compress all the books (ever), as real books, into the shelf space in a small house.
An automatic cat medicine dispenser that means you don’t die in the attempt.
Clothing that is always weather appropriate.
Shoes that never wear out.


a ring that allows you to shapeshifft yourself or items around you using your thoughts

to creat it I’m making 2 asumprions

  1. there are creatures capable of shapeshifting and reading minds
  2. we can find a way to chanel those abilities or mimic them through items

a ring like that would be perfect for spying and juus cool in general XD

now i know those a big asumptiopns and it would probably be difficult to do but it be awesome to be able to do that ( i would be a bird so often XD :bird:)


Come join Gossmere. Shapeshifting is one of our affinities.


I think this ring perfectly sums up your polyguild!


The Tinkerer’s Tomes and Maker’s Manual

Tinkerer’s Tomes

An essential Flinterforge artifact resembling a notebook with various applications. Each Flinterforge member possesses their own personal tome that can be accessed only by its owner and people who have the owner’s permission. The cover design of each tome is reflective of its owner’s unique personality, so no two tomes look the same. When not in use, they can be magiqually transported to a shared, magiqually sealed, hidden pocket dimension for safekeeping. They can be used to draw up blueprints, store project ideas, and keep personal notes. Completed projects can be magiqually uploaded to the Master Tome, also known as the Maker’s Manual, where the project’s building instructions, usage information, and major functions/features can be viewed by anyone who wishes to do so.

Maker’s Manual
A large magiqual book resembling an encyclopedia that contains records of completed Flinterforge inventions and magiqual artifacts as well as instructions for making said creations. It also acts as an index for all known magiqual materials and objects and runes, magiqually updating when new items are found. It also contains a list of all current Flinterforge members as well as keeping track of any significant Flinterforge accomplishments or Events. It is magiqually bound to the Flinterforge Guild leader or leaders and will often appear to them during Times of great need. An indentical magiqual copy of the Manual can always be found in the Flinterforge Guild Hall.

The Festival of Guide and Guild - Day 3: Flinterforge

Hiking boots that stay dry, comfy and provide a solid foot, regardless of conditions or surface.

Binoculars that automatically focus and stabilize on what you’re looking at.

A comfortable rain jacket that breathes like a t-shirt, keeps you dry, and can be unfolded into a full size shelter. Also changes color depending on your environment and needs.


I like masks. Got an idea for some:

A mask for exploration. Chock full of Flinterforge mechanisms that help you no matter what corner of the Earth you find yourself in.

This allows for underwater breathing and extra oxygen reserves, gas filtration, night vision and of course, an automatic voice auto-tuner.

And that’s not all!

A mask that can magiqally (weird word to spell) produce any natural animal sound. This will be good for ninjas to stealthily yell at each other and for freaking out the general populace. Because why not? The Great Chaos is all that matters! :balimora:


Why not a book that opens to whatever knowledge or fact you need at that moment

As example. If you were arguing the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow, African or European doesn’t matter, it would tell you that the airspeed velocity of a (European) unladen swallow is about 24 miles per hour or 11 meters per second.


A beer stein with never ending beer. It’s voice activated using the words “More please”.