Egg.png Roman Numerals


The numbers in Roman numerals make:


If that helps anybody!


Is that… Herman?


I wondered that too.


Ah thats so pretty. Im sure it is the animal from the story, where tiny winged creatures present an (in my memory blue?) egg to another creature.


So this makes me think… What about the other picture? What did that represent? The one we got with the Flora key. This one reflects the story that was on that paper, that we found in the beginning of this phase. Did we ever figure out what that picture was supposed to be? Just some thoughts.


It was related to fragment one like this was related to fragment five.


From what I gather from the other comments, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen pages like this. When I brought myself up to speed, it was rather brief and I don’t recall seeing stuff like this (though I did focus mainly on the last couple of fragments in detail). Is there anything important I should know from previous sections?


Other than its an increasing series of numbers that shows up at momentous occasions we don’t know a lot about them.

We are just tracking them in case they ever point to anything. You never know what will be useful and experience tells me it’s much easier to track this kind of thing as it goes then go back over and dig up things in the past.


The butterflies are part human. That’s so cool


A few things come to mind either map references or gps coordinates or dewey decimal system for book classification. Don’t know if that’s any help.