Eclipse Magiq


So, with the total eclipse of the sun fast approaching, some of us around North America will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform some special magiq. Or at least, that’s the impression my research has given me. It’s been rough trying to sift out the real magiq from fiction, but I seem to find that eclipses have some potential.

So, for those of us who will see it, both partial and in totality, we each get one shot. For those of us who see the total eclipse, we have under three minutes to make it count. Any ideas for a spell?


I suggest Necromancy, or you know we could always attempt to open a portal.


Um… No. That’s never a good idea.


What about the portal? That could be fun.


I guess… it depends on where they lead to…


What about a divination?


Funny you should bring this up, Chordie. I’ve been doing a bit of research on the magical properties of eclipses. My big magiqal project is sort of personal, so I won’t unload about it unless someone requests. However, for any who are interested in general, I’ve been lead to believe that solar eclipses can be really useful for harnessing energy, breaking down barriers, and initiating tranformations or changes.


Well I actually will be seeing it in its full totality in TN in Monday. But it’s a school trip so I can’t do anything weird… AND IM NOT CLOSING MY EYES TO MISS IT


Oh, I also have a little alchemical recipe somewhere for a magical solvent that uses eclipse water, if anyone would like it!


Provide as much as you can, please :smiley:


I’ll be charging a variety of items (tools, herbs, water and the likes) during the eclipse, these can then be used at a later date for a variety of purposes.


I guess I have a handfull of crystals that could use it. I don’t know what it’ll accomplish exactly though. I’m not very knowledgeable on this kind of magiq tbh.
Eclipse water does seem useful but again I’m not sure what for. My Thornmouth sensibilities want me to research everything but it’s 4 am and I don’t think I have the mental capacity.