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This is… actually surprisingly informative about the person as a DM. Huh. I didnt really think it would tell me that much but i learned a bit about you today. 2+ years eh? Im on my 2nd or 2.5th year, but i feel like im still a total newbie. I guess it takes a while before you can get really confident with running something like this, eh?


Oh it really does. And it’s also about how much you play! Dms who only dm and don’t play (or play less often than they dm) miss out on a lot, in the same way as parents who don’t remember their own feelings as a child can’t properly understand their children. Bit of a weird metaphor, but you get what i mean, right? I play… like… a lot… Maybe too much… I have 2-6 sessions of something a week, whether I’m dm’ing or someone else is or there’s a one-shot going on or something. That’s just how I like it! That’s also why I have no idea how many sessions I’ve dm’d over a year haha.

I ended up dm’ing my first game 2 years ago because I was so desperate to play, and the reason I hadn’t played before was simply that there were no dms, so I went ‘how hard can it be? I’ll dm’ and… hoo boy, my first campaign was a mess . But a fun mess! So it worked out in the end :blossom:

I dm two dnd groups, but I’m also in… uhhh… 3 dnd, one monster of the week, one numenera, and there’s consideration of a magical girl game w the fate system, so that’ll also be interesting! :cherry_blossom:


I think i made a pretty massive mistake, in two places when i ran my first campaign. First off, it was a live show. Second off, it was over an entire frickin galaxy. third off, it was a full campaign. With shattered seas, ive definitely toned it down, limiting it for now to a single planet, but its still crazy, watching my pcs take my setting and just going like… well, does it make sense when i say i plan for them to go north and they go diagonally southwest at a sprint? its a pain, but i have a ton of fun dealing with their shenanigans so its all good.

Yeah, i think my getting into dming was kinda typical like that too. I played DnD for like… 3 years before i started dming, but i was a pathfinder boi, and my dm was a hardcore rule stickler who didnt like going off script. It left a bad taste in my mouth and left me feeling like the community in my town was rather toxic. Thank god, i soon found willing players in two dudes from the UK and a player from the central USA, along with like… 6 or 7 guest players from my town and beyond? Its incredible, how much CONNECTION you get when you play an online game. Complete strangers can become your best friends like THAT. looking at you, @Rimor, @Helios >w>


Omg… that sounds like a hectic time, but so long as it’s good now! And yeah, some pcs will just want to run absolutely wild. The amount of times I’ve heard a player say ‘now, I don’t want them to do this, but my character is going to…’ is hilarious. Luckily I’m a very improv folk, y’know? When I was young I wanted to be a comedian. I’ve found now that I’m not that funny, but I’m definitely funny enough to make a group of friends giggle, and that’s what matters!

Rules lawyers can be a pain, but I’m glad to hear that you’ve got much better folks around you now! It always makes me happy to hear people becoming friends over dnd. I actually met almost my entire current friendship group because of dnd, I think? Aside from one or two (who… I met over other ttrpgs haha) :cherry_blossom:


You murdered me with a sandwich! :joy:


That’s how friendship works in DnD, right? :blossom:


I was more insulted at the fact it was a sandwich of all things :joy: After that I went on a campaign of terror in the next DnD game as I wasn’t taking that lying down :laughing:


its tal! Wip sketch being done by an artist named avaloki


Oh bless! That’s adorable, what a cutie pie! :blossom:


This is only vaguely D&D related but does anyone want to see some new dice I got (or should it maybe go in a different thread)? friends have a little annual get-together where they trade dice and I got invited this year :’)


Yes!! I’m not sure which thread would be better than the dnd thread to post dice (except maybe the tabletop thread?) But whichever thread you choose I’d love to see them! I love dice… :blossom:


You could always start a dice thread! I’m sure there’s more than a few shiny maths rocks hoarders here…


I’ve been a Dungeon Master since 3e and the one thing I’ve learned is that, no matter what you have planned, your players have a will of their own and will do something you couldn’t expect.
I have had an entire story thrown away because the players decided to leave well enough alone, and had to create new tales on the fly because they chose to go The Wrong Way.

My favourite moment, which I often retell with false ire, is when my group was travelling between locations. I gave them an incident to break up the journey.
Passing by a junction that led to windmill upon a hill, a villager ran to the group waving his arms, calling for help. A group of hobgoblins were holding the millers hostage while they stole grain! Save them, please!
This was intended to be a strategic combat encounter. Kill the hobgoblins while ensuring the safety of the captives.
There was no roll for initiative, no blood shed. They hired them.

The cleric had had an idea: he would walk in first and alone and attempt to “Reason with the Hobgoblins”. I liked this idea but knew it would likely fail, the hobgoblins all followed their one leader and that leader would not be so easily swayed by mere words.
The cleric entered, unarmed, hands open and spread wide and spoke to the hobgoblins. He said that there was no need for violence, that there was a way that everyone could get out of this situation safely, with no need for bloodshed. He was in full negotiator mode. Then he asks me a question: “Does that count as a full round of talking?” I was confused for only one moment.
“Yes,” I said, already looking to the hobgoblins stat block.
“I cast Enthrall.”
“Of course you do…” This was a spell to captivate an audience, make them more amenable and compliant. It was a way to take loyalty away from the Leader, and it was only the Leader who passed his saving throw. Ahtrite didn’t want to listen to another liar and his false words, and told the cleric to leave before he killed one of the captives. All the other hobgoblins however now saw the cleric as a friend worth listening to and wanted to hear him out.
Ahtrite was stunned by this unexplained shift in loyalty. He explained to the that they needed the grain, needed the food, because the Sivies (people of the civilised races) only saw them as monsters and wouldn’t treat them fairly, even attacking them on sight. They couldn’t get work, nor access to towns, so they couldn’t get money to buy things legit, so stealing and robbing is the only way. It was what the Sivies had forced them to.
The cleric listened. Their group had been charged with hunting bandits, with a bounty per head. He hired the hobgoblins to join them for a portion of the bounty. There was resistance from Ahtrite, until the cleric pointed out that the hobgoblins couldn’t actually eat the grain, it needed to be made into bread first. In turn each hobgoblin looked down at his bag of inedible loot, turned to their leader, and told him they wanted to “go legits”.

And so it was that a hearty band of adventurers gained an equally sized band of hobgoblin NPCs to accompany them.
The Leader: Ahtrite. Grunt, Shunt, Punt, Needles, Prick, and Shortarse. NPCing them was fun.

Never stop expecting your players to do something you hadn’t planned for. :slight_smile:




ridiculously cheap for the price, if anyone wants one…

they have a full time job, far as i know, so they’re apparently just doing this as a paid hobby, which makes me feel better about it.


This is fantastic!! So cute! :blossom: