Druids and Balimora


This might be a bit of a random thought, but I was thinking about it and looking back on an old thread that mentioned Balimora, and druids and Celtic stuff just reminds me of the guild so much?
Below is a few things I found in common with both. It just seems too much of a coincidence for them to NOT be related!

  • Practiced magic
  • Death and rebirth is a very big thing in Druidry, as nature is constantly in this cycle and most druids believe in reincarnation - reminded me of how the Balimora logo represents life and death
  • Belief of Otherworld - “a realm or realms which exist beyond the reach of the physical senses, but which are nevertheless real”
  • Nature as divine or sacred, along with a strong sense of interconnectedness - “Every part of nature is sensed as part of the great web of life, with no one creature or aspect of it having supremacy over any other. Unlike religions that are anthropocentric, believing humanity occupies a central role in the scheme of life, this conception is systemic and holistic, and sees humankind as just one part of the wider family of life”
  • The lack of a central text, such as how the bible is the central text for Christianity (like how the Balimora description mentions that Balimorans reject the trappings of culture)

(Source, where I got my druid info: http://www.druidry.org/druid-way/druid-beliefs )


I mentioned something like this earlier today, the resemblance is uncanny!


Yeah, I think I saw that and that’s what spurred me to look more into it! Just… Oh my gosh there are way too many resemblances! :open_mouth:


I wonder if all guilds are based on ancient magics…


And if so what ancient magics?


Well one magic that I know about Druids (At least from what I read) was the ability to change shape into animals. Specifically, one flying animal, one sea/water, one predator, and one Herbivore. So without getting too deep into it, something like, a falcon, a shark/dolphin, a Lion, and a horse/deer. One of the Magics listed under Balimora is Bestiary Arts, and that sounds like it is something that would fit here.


However, the Gossmere specialize in Shape Shifting.


Adding on to @OracleSage point, Bestiary Arts sounds like control over animals, not necessarily turning into them. But I’m not a Balimora myself, so I don’t know for certain. Either way, having some amount of control over animals, in my perspective, at least sounds like a Balimorian ability.


I always figured Bestiary Arts was more support magic. Healing, soothing, strengthening and perhaps communicating with various animals. But I could totally see the other interpretations.


@OracleSage I know Gossmere has Shape Shifting, but I read that as Shifting into anything they wanted, people, animals, chairs. Somewhat unlimited options, while Bestiary Arts was a more limited type of Shifting and locked in at the four animals. And to @TheBellsAreRinging, and @Robert I thought about that as well. Looking at the name I was looking at the shifting or some kind of summoning and talking to animals. Possibly even a kind of magic buffs that lets you use an animals strength, like hawk eyesight or Cheetah Speed stuff like that. The thing with Balimora though is that there’s no rules. It even states that “There are no Laws” in the description. Add to that the fact that none of the magic has been defined. I like to think that one person’s Bestiary Arts might be Animal Summoning and another’s Animal Shifting. The Great Chaos of Balimora just flows into Druidry like that. There’s no “correct” path. There’s only your path.


The Druid changing from one animal to another also hints at transformation through the life cycle, the year and the elements.
Transformative and alchemical of a sort, too.


I wasn’t sure where to put this, it’s not specifically druidic, but is absolutely Balimoran, and I couldn’t remember where we were having this discussion elsewhere.

A thought or two about charm and deception as it applies to Balimora. I’ve been doing a lot of research about the sacred clown in ancient shamanism, right up through court jesters and modern comedians like George Carlin and Bill Hicks, and I think think the sacred clown fits Balimora perfectly.

Also, Steve in his natural habitat


Guys…a few night ago in had a bizarre dream that something was following me, the thing ran around the room then proceeded to run toward my girlfriend, I promptly stepped in front of it as it collided with my body I woke up. My skin felt like it was spasming/shaking like how I imagine jello feels when it is poked…and though I had been afraid for my girlfriend at the perceived threat when we collided I felt calm and peaceful…this sacred clown thing looks just like what I saw in my dream…weird


I do believe you have received the blessing of the sacred clown. I was about to say if we were a native tribe, the shaman would say the sacred clown has chosen you. But we are a druidic tribe, sooo… :slight_smile:.
Jung would say you are subconsciously trying to integrate this archetype into yourself, and though it seems foreign and you feared it, you are at least accepting it. I would even go so far to say, without knowing you, of course, that your fear for your girlfriend is a fear that such an aspect of yourself might negatively effect your relationship. But the peace you felt when you re-integrated this aspect of yourself tells you everything you need to know.
Sorry if I’m coming off as a know-it-all, it’s just that dreams and Jungian shadow-work are kind of my thing.


Haha no your perception and anyone else’s on the matter is most welcome!



Hello I am new here and just stumbled across this old thread, and found my interest piqued. You see I have studied and followed the druidic path for much of my life. I am a bard, one of the three types of druids. And I just wanted to say that your statement is absolutely correct, the parrellels between ancient druidry and Balimora are quite manifold. It’s why I took so readily to the guild as it suited my unique set of traits and personality.

Thank you for listening. :blush:


(Flinterforge resident Druid strolls past, waving)
Blessed Be.


(Did not know this thread existed. Clearly I need to search the forums more.)

This is really interesting cause Druidry is one of the paths I’ve been thinking of following for years now. I’m very eclectic atm, little but of wicca, little bit of druidry, little bit of old norse traditions… But druidry calls to me on another level as it’s not just another path; it’s a path that was probably followed by my ancestors. That call of blood, the thought of history coming full circle, is a little irrisitable to me. And there are so many hints of the old ways still in the modern here. We have Eisteddfods still, and Y Gorsedd (specifically the Gorsedd of the Bards of the Island of Britain) that even still demonstarte the 3 paths of druidry (though I kinda think most have forgotten where it all actually comes from). Always wanted to go anlogn and see one, maybe even one day be part of Y Gorsedd, but I never have cause I don’t speak enough Welsh for it to be worth it (Eisteddfods are all conducted in Welsh, and all arts are done through the medium of Welsh). Strangely, though, there aren’t really any druid groves here, only 2 I could find int he north. Makes following the path a little more difficult, but maybe one day I’ll find a way.

(Realise this went slightly off topic and into a lament on druidry in modern society, but :woman_shrugging:, not often I find others on the path)


I’m not sure what else to say other than YES. :joy::joy: everything you said truly touched my heart. I too have found it difficult to adhere to the ancient tradition. Being an oral religion where it was incredibly profane to write things down, there is much lost to us… also being in the states where druidry has only a very minor presence makes it difficult for me as well. But the path of the forest and of nature has always called to me, which is why I found balimora so fitting. It warms my heart to find others who share the calling. :pray:
Blessed be.



Thank you. bows blessed be.