Dorm room tours


I would love to hear what everyone else’s dorm room looks like- after I’ve had a few days to settle in I’m happy to give everyone a tour… gotta give me some time to sort out my books and hang my string lights!

What do everyone’s rooms look like? :slight_smile:


I may have mentioned this before, but I’ve eschewed the dorm rooms for a nook under the stairs leading from the main library towards the top of the lighthouse. While it was rather minimal at first, I’ve since made the space a comfortable place to nap/study/hide from responsibility.
One of the first things I did was hang up a curtain. Initially it was just an old blanket stapled to the underside of the stairs, but I’ve since gotten some proper curtains. I actually got 2 sets that I can pull across separately. The first layer is a thin lace, to let light in from the rest of the library, and to give me the feeling of being in my own space, even while I can see out into the rest of the guild house. The second layer is a heavy velvet to block out light when I want sleep or privacy. I’m including a few pictures in this post, but they are of similar items in the mundane, because I can’t get my camera to work in the Guildhouse.

On the floor is a twin mattress, covered in assorted pillows and blankets. I got most of them from second hand shops, but I may have… “borrowed” a few from the room below the Mindflame.
Tucked beneath the first step, where it’s too small to use for much else, is a small trunk containing extra clothes, favourite pens, and a copious amount of snacks. I don’t keep it locked, instead trusting that my guildmates will respect my things.
I have a small Mindflame lantern on a hook on the wall, but I couldn’t resist adding string lights. I have 2 or 3 strings in warm white now, and I’m always tempted to add more.
So that’s my space. Feel free to use it if you need a short nap, but leave my snacks alone.


I actually live in one of the study/reading area’s in the library. I’ve moved one of the comfy chairs over into a section of book cases that is particularity narrow, and have set up a hammock for sleeping. I have a vintage looking suitcase on the ground that has my clothes and whatever else I may need as I have used magic to make it into a small pocket dimension for storage of things. It also works really well as a footrest while reading and has a small succulent plant on it. The pot that the plant as in has a name tag on it “Henry”.


Hardly anyone stays in the dorm room itself. There are a lot of empty bed frames with stolen mattresses. I leaned them against the walls framing the window nearest my bed and remade into bookshelves. I didn’t even have to go to the library for most of them. I found them in corners of rooms, on tables and chairs in the common room, traded like cards over meals. I use the extra linens as curtains and have an affinity for candles. When I am not reading by their light I am using them to contemplate The Mindflame. When the light is too bright I pull down the curtains and look out onto water.


Oh watch out I might need to “borrow” one of your candles! I forgot to pack any as I packed in such a hurry! Do we get any mail here?

I’ve been to see the mindflame a few times now- do you have any suggestions for how best to consider it?

Personally, I’m really happy with my dorm room. I noticed the number of nooks and crannies others had inhabited throughout the library, but there is always the almost silent but very present whisper of people tome kindling and discussing perceptions. And I need strict silence for studying.

So, on my bed I’ve laid my grandmother quilt, which she always swore was imbibed with protection magiq, (even though she was mundane) and a bunch of throw pillows in jewel tones like sapphire and ruby. My desk looking out over the road into the lighthouse and the forest beyond is already littered with books and papers as I’ve tried to make sense of things so far, piecing together things I’ve seen in the mindflame or thought I remembered on the train here… although this has proved tricky.

I’ve hung string lights in abundance and have a ton of pastries which someone kindly offered to charm with a “never ending air” enchantment which she supposed might keep them fresh! But not to worry… I am two doors down from the kitchen!

I’ve only brought basic garments with me- woolens and black jeans, and found my thornmouth robe hanging ready in my closet when I arrived. I’m sure it hummed the first time I put it on… but I was cold and a little delirious after the latter portion of my journey here on the boat so who knows!

As for now, it’s late. I’ve turned my lantern low and plan to catch up on some more of the monarch papers. I hope this can help me make sense of why I’m here and what my part in this puzzle may be.


I want to go to The Mindflame, but there are a lot of stairs. I will trade you a candle for the image of the Mindflame or perhaps I will give you a second candle to be lit from the Mindflame if that is even possible. I have also written down a few questions I would like to ask that could be given as an offering. I feel like questions are more useful than answers, and I have more of those at the moment.


Im a poly, so while i dont tend to sleep outside the castle of vines, i do tend to spend long nights in the rafters of the library. If you look REALLY close, perhaps you might spot a little platform and some blankets, up there.


When you walk through the doorway of my dorm you will immediately notice the smell of my favorite rose incense wafting through the air. My bookshelves along the walls are filled with my favorite moonology, herbology and astrology books along with my atlas with the pages marked at the places that I want to visit one day. On the shelves around and under my windows you’ll find my ivy and flowers that I have collected from my adventures growing in their own terra-cotta pots. On my nightstand near my bed, you’ll see my crystal ball that I found in a small shop in St. Augustine, Florida. Its one of my favorite possessions. Next to my crystal ball you’ll see my tarot deck that I use each morning to draw a card and meditate. I have the softest sapphire blue crushed velvet comforter and pillows made of the coolest silk. Perfect for a good nights sleep. On the wall above my bed is my favorite blue crescent moon tapestry. In my closet you’ll find my favorite white or black collared shirts along with my college hoodie (I love sleeping in it) and my favorite pair of black skinny jeans. Last but not least, I have my little mini fridge that I keep full of oranges and lemon water. My favorite!

Thank you for coming and taking a tour of mine and my pup Granger’s dorm room! Feel free to come by anytime for some gossip or scary stories!