Daily Photo Challenge - February


Day 10 Motion


Day 11 Strange: Isn’t it weird what we deem fridge worthy?


Day 12 Home: Home is a lot of places for me, but regardless I am very proud to be Canadian, and this country will always be home to me. Plus wherever the majority of my book collection resides is where I typically do as well …


Day 13 Macro

Last one for tonight, I promise.


Oh…yea, I’ve been doing the daily photos on Instagram, but I keep forgetting to post them here too :sweat_smile:


Day 14 Valentine
My kitty, Steve French, and love of my life


Proof I haven’t fallen off the challenge, here’s today’s picture (festive hair ribbon for the holiday):


Day 14: Valentine’s.


Day 15: Chaos

Day 16: Familiar


Well…I’m pretty certain that I misinterpreted the “familiar” prompt…But I’m sticking with it :joy::joy::joy:


What did you do for it? I might if misinterpreted it and yours could be right.


I did like, a familiar tradition sort of thing…But I’ve seen several animals on insta so I think your good :joy:


Tink its alright, I did the same. Since I don’t have any animals XD


I used a tipped over shopping cart for Balance. I don’t think there’s a wrong way to interpret. Also you can never go wrong with dumplings.


February 17th, 2018 - after the kids’ tub leaked, the kitchen we spent the summer renovating is again a Work In Progress, and that’s going to have to be okay.


Familiar was to be interpreted however. I thought an ambiguous ones might be fun.


work in progress. It goes alot faster with extra helpers


Day 17: Work In Progress

Day 18: Food


I was really happy with how mine turned out today:


Should I make a new prompt for March or is it better to let sleeping dogs lie? :doge: