Daily Photo Challenge - February


Day 4: Selfie

Might I just say, it is lovely to actually see Mountie’s faces for a change, when I associate you all mainly with your voices


Day 4
I put three of them on Instagram, but here’s the oldest of them.


Day 4, look it’s me!


I know it’s not a selfie, but I couldn’t include my horse with me then. :wink:


My morning cuppa is a great example of balance! Its all about that perfect balance between too much milk and too little. Only a true Brit knows how to make that perfect cuppa! :wink:


Day 5: Balance


Day 5


Agh my toes are freezing!


Day 6: Snow
I took this at the perfect time, so I didn’t need to put a filter on it!


February 6th, 2017 - Snow. While there was a surprise flurry in my town today, I wasn’t quick enough to get a good picture of the snowfall. I met my family out for dinner, and this local art was serendipitously on the wall across from my seat!


Day 6: Snow!


Day 6: Snow.


Look how big our piles of snow get because we have so much and nowhere to put it. That’s my friend on it who decided to climb it.


February 7th, 2018 - Music. While technically is not a photo, this screen grab shows the last 9 songs I’ve downloaded, and I like the miniature album covers.


Day 5: A balanced breakfast. Sweet and tart, wholesome and tangy.


Day 3: polyguild - Gossmouth
I yawn as I pad in from a long night’s hunt. I know I should sleep soon but I head straight for my latest research project, neglecting to even transform back into my human form.


Day 7: Music
Mandolin turn keys. A stark contrast to the smooth lines of the instrument.


how did this get so dusty? I play it every day.


my goodness! Look how many posts there are! It’s only been a week!


Beautiful work with inspiring our community, Sel!

Now, everybody get back to burpees. [Shameless Plug]