Daily Photo Challenge - February


Better late than never.
“Sometimes as a treat for Gus I will run water in the bath tub. He really loves drinking shower water, so I indulge him. Sometimes he can be a tad odd, and that’s why I love him so much.”


Day 2!


Overkill is underestimated


Day 2
Warm … guild toque!

Update: I may not be able post the next couple days but I will still participate and then photo dump when I return to the luxury of internet :+1:t2:
BUUUUUUUUTTTT on the off chance I forget, this photo encompasses warmth (toque), polyguild (Ebbie crest and toque paired with a sweater that falls under WW guild colours unless I’m very wrong), and is a selfie so I’m at least good until Monday


February 2nd, 2018 - Warm



I wasn’t sure if it was literal or color theory warm so have both! Basking light at 110°F and he’s orange!



Day 2 take 2 (since take 1 was such overkill)


Day 3: Polyguild

(Also sorry for not posting before this, I’ve been consumed by school work, but I’ll try to put out pieces periodically).


Day 3: Polyguild

If I had to fit into another guild it would definitely be Thornmouth.


Day 3, looks Thornwatch-y to me.


Day 3: I’m going for a Balimoran/Ebenguard theme.



A little late but it isn’t midnight yet :cjtea:


I missed the last one, but here is my selfie. I’ll reply with the caption I originally posted with it.


I think for me especially, but as a culture it’s hard to show something that’s in process.
Something that isn’t the finished product can be just as valuable and beautiful as what will be completed.
I am an unfinished work.
When I wake up I need to wipe the sleep from my eyes and maybe shower before I feel presentable. I need to wear a bra and maybe some mascara to feel like I can go anywhere.
I’m on a journey of self healing and discovery. I don’t believe I’ll ever stop learning. Sometimes we need to be able to show the progress we have made, even when we know there is more we could do.
So here I am, freshly awoken. Still in my sleep crinkled skin and disheveled clothes.


February 4th, 2018 - Selfie


February 4th’s Selfie

I hate taking photos of myself so I prefer to hide behind the camera letting the world see what I see but never the man behind the curtain.


Selfie~ Just your resident friendly new Englander and his angry Philidelphian… What’s a Goss without his buddy??