Daily Photo Challenge - February


So I’ve come up with something that might be fun to do as a community. Each day has a specific prompt to make something based off of. Yes it says photos but paintings or even written pieces can work too.
Each day starting with the first of February, you can post your result to this thread. This should liven up the Campfire a little, and, if you use the hashtag #MagiqPhotoChallenge when posting to social media, we might be able to gain some new recruits too.

I’ve made it a square so that if you want to put it on your Instagram to help you remember or to encourage others to join, you can.


I’m in! I love photography!


I’m in as well!!


raises hand




Never really used Instergram, but I’m down for taking some pics (and hopefully the Great British weather will allow me, lol)


I’ll give it a go!


I’ll probably post some here and there!


No worries if you can’t do it every day


I’m putting this on my Insta. I’m going to be making an art insta. It’s also going in my calendar.


February 1st, 2018 - Black & White
This is (a cropped) view from my office window.


I’ll be posting mine later today!



I took it because the padlocked door looked like a #doortoneithernor

EDIT: I think the fact that I haven’t been able to knock into Neithernor yet has me obsessed with everything involving weird doors. Disregard me, please.


Day 1 :+1:t2: