Create Show Notes for past TMOTMP Episodes - (50 AG Points Each)


Thanks! I’ll go ahead and do Episode 1 and leave Zero for someone else. Sorry for reviving this post.


Thanks for reviving the post!


I’d be interested as well. Episode Zero seems to be the only one left but if people are feeling overwhelmed with what they committed to I can pick up some of that slack as well. (Or if people want to collaborate)


I’ve only just started 4B, so if you’d prefer to do that one I could trade it to you. I’ve already done two episodes, so I can bow out a bit if others really want to commit to these. (Read: I promise I’m not trying to hog them I just like research. :joy:)


Hey Mounties! If you have your name on a previous episode but haven’t had time to turn it in, no worries, just gives me a heads up if you think you’ll be able to crank it out in the next week. If you can’t, would you mind letting someone else claim the ep in the main post? It would be really helpful for me…


Episodes Six and Seven are now in the bag, so if someone wants to review them (in the next week) let me know and I’ll send you a preview link of the episode!