Create Show Notes for past TMOTMP Episodes - (50 AG Points Each)


I’d love to have you, the readers, create “show notes” for each ep of The Making of The Monarch Papers, which will go up on the Elsewhither blog and show up on iTunes and Google Play as well. We’ll also credit you in the notes. Just respond to this topic to volunteer for one of the eps and we’ll get you sorted.

If you’re interested in recapping, you can follow this basic template below, and include highlights, relevant links and/or observations, and have fun!

Basically 2-3 solid paragraphs, with any relevant links, mentions, etc.



Episode Zero -
Episode One - @Mr5yy
Episode Two - @grimangel53
Episode Three - @Viviane
Episode Four A - @Viviane
Episode Four B - @Viviane
Episode Five -@Tinker
Episode Six -
Episode Seven -


What would be the time frame for this? I’m kinda busy for the next couple of days, but could probably knock one out at the end of this week? If that timeline works, I’ll give it a go! I wasn’t around for these parts of TMP, so I’m less familiar with this content…so I can start at the beginning or pick up one of the later ones if someone has their heart set on one!


Thanks @Tinker! Actually, it would be great if you could start on next week’s episode, which I can send you ahead of time. And then we can work our way back!

And no prior knowledge of these events necessary, just listen to the podcast and jot down a summary of what it’s about, what we discussed, and any links or interesting references! The goal of these notes is so our podcast eps show up in Google searches so anything you can reference would be great!


I’ll have the ep for you tomorrow! If you could know it out before Monday that would be awesome!


That would work for me! I should have time Friday/Saturday to dedicate to it, so Monday shouldn’t be a problem!


Could I help?


Absolutely. If you want to choose one of the previous podcast episodes and create show notes for it after listening to it I’ll put your name up in the main topic!


I’d like to do Episode 1 please!


Great, thank you!


I’ll take episode 2 as a type of audition for more opportunities in the future!

though i was just getting my feet wet around then and getting drawn in by the rip tides more in fragments 3 and 4


Awesome, @grimangel53 ! I’ll put you on the list!

Here’s @Tinker’s notes for episode 5, which is a great template if you’re looking for one… (though it can be shorter or longer, no worries…

In this week’s episode, CJ and Simon discuss Fragment Five. Despite being a shorter fragment, it was still quite busy because it marked the start of a new phase. This fragment was comprised of three interconnected plotlines: introducing the Cagliostro and Lauren, bringing Deidre into the puzzles, and developing the story of Anne of Brittany. The fragment name – Brachursis – came from a chimeric animal name, and linked to plans for a storyline with the Cagliostro and Lauren.
By solving this puzzle (not entirely as intended), the Mountaineers were able to access documents and emails between the Cagliostro and Lauren. Lauren was introduced as the new assistant to the Cagliostro, attempting to scan the third volume of The Monarch Papers. CJ and Simon also discuss logistics (and Buffy the Vampire Slayer) – how they worked to balance out the excitement of the Mountaineers’ snooping with keeping the Cagliostro an intelligent and engaging antagonist, as well as the timed unlocking of the journals. Simon also discusses his research on Anne of Brittany, starting with the unicorn tapestries. From this point, Anne was woven into the plot, with the revelation of a secret eighth tapestry and the introduction of the Paths of Wool and Silver.
Phase 2 also saw Deidre drawn into the puzzles with the arrival of her father’s journal. Deidre hears from her Aunt Monica and receives the journal, the pendant, and the wool scarf, which all reappear at the end of this phase and again in phase 3. Fragment Five ended up being important for other major character introductions and growth as well. The Cagliostro, Lauren, and Martin are still loved, all these months on. The unified plotline of this fragment helped keep the readers engaged and motivated, leading into Fragment Six.

The Monarch Papers (in-game):
Fragment Five:​
Fragment Six:
Aunt Monica:
Anne of Brittany:
The unicorn tapestries:


I also have the file for episode 6 if anyone is interested!


Thanks for sharing it! Now that I have free time I can start!


Is this still a thing? I’d love to do one now that I’m caught up on the podcast and have, y’know, actual free time. :slight_smile:


Very much still a thing. :slight_smile: I’ll make the first topic a wiki and you can add your name to the ep(s) you’d like to tackle! Thanks so much @Viviane!


Quick question @CJB. Is Episode 1 listed as Episode 0 or is it Episode 1?


It’s listed as 0


Okay, thanks!


Clarifying question: the wiki list above does not include Episode 0, as it is now named. And Episode 4, which had two parts, corresponds to Fragment 4. So either Episode 0 or Episode 1 are missing…


Ha! I added episode Zero.