Collaborative Oracle Deck


I’ve noticed many people here seem to be using tarot cards, so I’m taking a leap and guessing that a lot of you are also using oracle decks sometimes. I’ve wanted for a while to create my own Oracle deck and I feel the magiqal world here could be a great inspiration…? We could start with a list a theme or keywords for the cards and then create images for them? Make a beautiful collective deck! And a booklet of interpretation. With the beautiful bunch of artists and writers here, it should be easy :slight_smile:

There could be a card for each guild. A card named the Veil, the neithercourier, the last traveler, etc

(Side question: anyone knows good ressources to learn Lenormand?)


There is so much oracley goodness in the Magiqverse! I was getting all the divination feels while reading the books. I’m no great shakes as a visual artist, but I’d be interested in adding to the descriptions.

I know I had some Youtube videos on Lenormand bookmarked a while back. I shall check once I’m home.


Right!! Ideas keep popping in my head , but I want to see what mounties have to contribute! I’d love to read your ideas!


There’s were plans to make a collaborative tarot card deck a while ago, but nothing ever came of it. It’s nice to see this idea brought back.


Examples of oracle cards.


:star_struck: The Earthbound Oracle!!! I love that artist…they have a new project going right now too (if you haven’t seen)! It has a format I think would be very appropriate for a magiqverse oracle, with the cards being square and meant to be laid out in diamond patterns.


Ohhh. Just looked it up. It looks very cool!


Whoah. I just ordered the Earthbound Oracle deck today.


Ok so I know I am very new, but this is everything I have ever wanted !!! :heart_eyes:
SERIOUSLY what can we do to get this rolling I am so ready to brain storm. How many cards are we talking?

P.S. :email: I love the idea of adding in all of the guild cards


There was a tarot thread a long time ago, but nobody ended up moving forward with it unfortunately. But oracle cards may be an interesting thing to try, since they’re more open-ended.

Some cards I think would be good:

  • The six elements
  • The seven royal butterflies
  • Mindflame, Golden Balance, Day’s Work, Further Fire, Common Drum, Great Chaos
  • Flora, Fauna, Cosmos, Time
  • Wonder
  • Hope, Despair, Illumination
  • The key/lock
  • Neithernor/knocking
  • Walking stick
  • Adept
  • Sensitive
  • Sacrifice
  • Magiq
  • Communion
  • Telemancy
  • Storm
  • Subway/Underground
  • Forest
  • Pursuit
  • Memories
  • Untethered
  • Foreward
  • Cabinet Of Curiosities

I actually think you could make an entire oracle deck specifically for the guilds. If you did a card for each guild, each affinity, each guild house, element, royal house, and include things from the guild descriptions (ie the golden balance) you already have a small deck. When we get more guild info from the BoB and future books, this will get even easier to add more cards to.

I started experimenting a bit with styles for a magiqverse tarot back in January-ish, but got waylaid due to a massive workload (some of it expected, some of which was not). I’ve been finally getting back to myself after a massive burnout, so I may post some things and we can laugh at my old stuff too :deirdrexd:



@Revenir @v1ct0r1a I also think that an oracle deck gives us way more freedom. No set amount of cards or set meanings. We can go any way we want with the symbolic and the interpretations.

What’s great about basing it on TMP is that we all have the same reference material, so all of us will get the basic symbols right away because we read (or will read) the books.

I suggest we do this:

  1. Brainstorm all the symbols and concepts we can think of, like Revenir did. I’ll update my first post with the full list periodically.
  2. See for which of them we can come up with interpretations. For example: the Storm It can mean a literal storm is coming. It can mean someon or something wants to harm us or get in the way of a project or a goal. It can mean there are multiple voices fighting in our own head to stop us from achieving something, to make us forget our goals
  3. Once we see what we keep, we start working on the visuals. We could do different mediums but set a specific size , like a 4x6 card that can be scanned for example.

I’m excited to see your stuff!


Bleh, I guess I didn’t get as far as I remembered, but I’m also no surprised given the time period. At any rate, enjoy some pretty whack sketches and a digital thing I did before I was super gr8 w/ digital renderings:

It’s fun to share anyways. :joy: I kinda wanna use that cardboard/kraft-type paper for gouache paintings now tho.


Omg these are epic!


I have an Angel Card oracle deck and the Wild Unknown Oracle deck(companion to the Wild Unknown tarot) which is largely animals. I think the symbology of what I have seen so far does lend itself to that. That was probably my first draw in the ad I saw.


I would be majorly into this. And if we had a “base” oracle that wasn’t quite as guild specific, you could essentially build your deck to be only one guild or two or all; cardslinger’s choice! Plus it would be really pretty when combined…I’m thinking colored borders for each guild, drawing inspiration from the elements designs.

I think including cards for particular influential figures we know would be good, too. The Cagliostro should be a card for sure. The Traveler, the Stormslayer. And many decks include what’s known as a “happy squirrel” card, as a bit of a lighthearted gesture. We could have “Happy Herman”!


Happy Herman!!! :heart_eyes:

Also: The journalist


I don’t know if this would help spark up any ideas but I have a deck called ‘Tarot of the secret forest’. Unlike other decks I have there are two sides with identical pictures on either. However , the coloured side is to do with current situations/behaviors while the monochrome side relates to potential/dormant behaviors.


These are great! I just acquired my first tarot deck last week (Prisma Visions Tarot — so beautiful and they match my tattoo!) and am gradually working through it. I just finished a psychology course and got big into Jung’s archetypes so I’m working through the major arcana first along with this book by Sallie Nicholls that talks in-depth about the archetypal meanings of them all.

@Sorrel: The app Labyrinthos just updated to include the Lenormand cards. It’s really surface, but good to get a quick overview of them?


I’m intimidated by the thought of Lenormand. I’m still studying with my Hanson-Roberts, which is entirely RW - (although I have noticed slight deviation in a handful of cards…)