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Hey Mounties,
I just wanted to give you a quick update that I will expand on soon. Monday night I wasn’t feeling well and lost all use of my right arm and later found my leg was also weakened. I went to the emergency room immediately (thanks to a life-saving recommendation by our own @Augustus_Octavian and my husband Matty’s insistence that I go) and ended up being hospitalized until Wednesday afternoon. Turns out I had a stroke, but luckily we caught it very early, they put me on a very powerful medication, and it looks like I’m going to be okay. Will need to see lots of doctors and do some physical therapy, but yeah… I’m going to be fine. Things might be slow around here for the next couple of weeks and I may have to delay a few things, I’m having some trouble using my right hand for extended periods (which I’m told will clear up), so I appreciate your patience. I love you all and wanted to let you know as soon as I had all the information. I’ll follow up soon. :cjheart:


I’m glad you caught it early and the outlook is positive…but that’s so scary! Your health is always the first priority, and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we insist that you focus on that. We’ll be here for however long you need…the Mounties always got your back!


Ditto, Tinker. As someone with family who suffered a stroke last year that was not caught early, I’m extra glad to hear that kind of outcome. Sending positive vibes and Herman nuzzles.


I’m glad you’re okay but please don’t worry about getting back to work it’s important you get better first!


Oh my God CJ, I’m so glad you’re okay! Please rest up, we will all be here to support you. :heart:


Your health and safety should always come first! I’m very thankful you caught it early and that the outlook from here is so positive!
We all care about you, so don’t ever be sorry that you have to delay anything in order to take care of yourself. Let us know if there’s anything you need help with!
Get some much deserved rest! :cjheart:


Jesus christ.

Take it easy, my dude. We’re all waiting for your return. Its probably gonna be a bit of a slog to return to normal but we’ve waited months between puzzles, this is just another respite. Take as long as you need. We’re here for you.


Oh no! Thank goodness you caught it early, that could have been bad! If you need a break or anything for health reasons, that always perfectly fine. You’re health should come first!


Oh man CJ, wishing you and your family the best. All your mountie fam wants you to be happy and healthy, and are all here if you need anything :yellow_heart:


CJ, get tons of rest. Thank God you caught it early and went to the ER. And thank Augo for providing you insight to make sure you were seen. Please take care of yourself, dear friend. Relax, catch up on your reading, and let us know if there is anything we can do. We love you.


Sending all the positive juju from down under!
Take all your time recovering! Stress is one of many causes of strokes so kick your feet up and take it easy!
Always have an @Augustus_Octavian on retainer! They’re invaluable!!


Hope you start feeling back to yourself soon. Your physical therapist will be your best friend and your worst enemy.


Speechless right now but thank goodness you’re okay. I know I’m a little late on this but please take it easy and get well soon. It’s really fortunate that you were able to catch it early so shoutout to @Augustus_Octavian , your family, and yourself for being concerned. Too many people ignore potential medical emergencies and lord knows what would’ve happened if you didn’t take action…
Sending love through the universe to ya,
Take care!