Choosing a New Balimora Leader


While Steve is staying on, @Robert has decided to step down from his role as a Balimora leader.

So I’m looking for someone to quickly take his place because Leadership, along with @AG_Catherine and myself, have a lot planned and we need someone enthusiastic to hop on board.

You can check the Balimora group for inspiration here:

Please remember that leadership entails inspiring and building the community, welcoming new members, light forum moderation, and working closely with AGP admin. If you know someone in Balimora, or ARE someone in Balimora that fits the bill, submit your/their username in the one question survey below!

Nominate a Balimoran for leadership!


Thanks for answering all the questions I had for you when I joined @Robert! Your leadership will be missed.



Also, robert! why do you leave us?!

Kidding man, good luck in the future! hope you stick with us owo


Thanks so much for all your votes, and I appreciate you contributing them so quickly because we have a lot planned and it all starts soon!

I hope you’ll welcome @Helios as the new Balimora leader! He’s a little nervous because he’s a relatively new member of the community (a few months shy of a year) but obviously he’s made a big impact on the Mountaineers by how many times he was nominated. I think it’s a great idea to have the leadership be a mix of established and newer Mountaineers, and obviously you do too!

Of course, as the community grows we will need more leaders and I’ll 100% use the other submitted votes to fill Balimora slots. I’ll reach out to those other nominees when the leadership roster grows! Also, I’m going to need other, non-leadership help with things like PRSFNE, the forum, community events, etc.

One of the reasons I’m so excited about Helios coming on board is because from the moment he joined the Mounties he was positive, encouraging, and wanted to know how he could contribute.

So PLEASE, if you have ideas about what could help grow and inspire the community, or you think there’s a place you could help and contribute, even outside of a leadership role, please let me know!

Thanks everyone!


Hey all! Thanks for giving me this opportunity! Like CJ said, I’m a bit nervous since I’m still working on becoming more rooted with community, but I’m still very excited and ready to give 100%. I’ll do my best to represent the Balimora Guild to the best of my ability and push our community to greater heights. I look forwards to collaborating with everyone at this new level of involvement and I’m sure it’ll be quite the adventure!


Good to see someone i can really count on as one of our many incredible leaders!


Thanks! This will be a ton of fun!


Congratulations @Helios!




Congrats Helios! I look forward to working with you!


Congrats, Helios! I think you’re a great fit for this position, and I’ve always been impressed by your enthusiasm for this community. It’s no easy task to come in post-TMP and catch up, there’s so much to read. But you did an excellent job and really became a part of the community. Super proud of you and I’m excited to work with you! :eaveshug:




Yay @Helios!!! Congrats!