Character Songs


Hey Mounties!
I’m going to post songs here that have been inspirations for some of the characters in The Monarch Papers. Would love you to add songs that you personally connect to them too!

I’ll link to the songs on youtube so you can listen in-forum…


Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) - Florence & The Machine

This not only informs Deirdre’s POV but I also think she’d actually listen to this.


Flowers In The Window - Travis

I have a couple Cole songs but this sticks with me as the song Cole listened to on repeat when Deirdre came back to NYC after Phase 3.


Martin Rank:
Help Me Make It Through The Night - Willie Nelson

I play this when writing Marty. I imagine this is the song he puts on the jukebox at the bar he’s gone to for the past 25 years. He doesn’t drink, he just goes there because it’s the only place that feels like home.

This one really gets me.


Invincible - Muse

This is actually the song that inspired me to create Ascender. Who he is, what he believes, and despite all his flaws, how much he believes in us.


Monument (The Inevitable End) - Robyn featuring Röyksopp

Aether would’ve listened to this on a loop while investigating The Low.


I imagine Deirdre would listen to this after a particularly stressful day while getting ready to write her blog post.


:100: Love this…


High Enough to Carry You Over - Chvrches

Pretty obvious this is Eaves’ state of mind these days.


I have a feeling I’m gonna cry when I listen to this :sob:


This is what I think of for what I call Deirdre 2.0 (that’s what I call Magiq Deirdre)


Bitte Bitte - Rakede

Bash is cooler than all of us.


Without End by Dommin (Cags)
Bend by Ria Mae (Deeds)
Wide Awake and Dreaming by Amaba Sheperd (Deeds)
Dual Core by Hack All Things (Bash)
Don’t Sweat the Technique by Erik B and Ramkim (Bash)
Work Song by Hoziar (Augie)
We Got the Power by Loreen (Endri)
Ghost Dance by Patti Smith (Cags)
Let Us Burn Within Temptation by Launa Del Ray (Lauren)

Hey guys, loved these suggestions on the discord and wanted to make sure they all made it here!


So, I’ve been working on Spotify playlists for characters. So far I only have a few, but I plan to do more:

These are WIP, but I’ll share anyways for when they have more songs: