Briarcon 2017 - An Online Event (10/21/2017)





So you mentioned a while ago that Mounties might be able to sell things. Like a virtual Artist’s Alley? Is that still happening or has it been scrapped? (Which I can understand if it is. You’ve got so much on your plate already)


I thought a lot about that, how to make it work… I thought about creating multiple vendors in the AG store but at the end of the day even though you guys would be responsible for getting those shipments out I would be responsible if something happened with them not showing up on time, or getting backlogged…

So my idea was to do a kind of Winter Market after Thanksgiving, and anyone who wants to sell something on the shop will send them to me ahead of time and I will fulfill the orders, track shipping charges, etc. and then have my bookkeeper figure out the revenue and send to you!


Pretty good idea. Makes sure nothing can blow to pieces by accident.


Hey guys,
So I’m sad to announce that I’ve decided to cancel Briarcon.

I think with TMP fatigue, a lot of you being in school, and my inability to focus completely on it, the interest for it just isn’t there.

I’m investing a lot of time, effort, and money into something that I just don’t think people are all that into right now. We only got one Lore Hat question (Thanks @Augustus_Octavian!), one cosplay photo submission (great work @Skylad), and we only raised $30 for the Funko raffle (Thanks to everyone who contributed.) I 100% knew we wouldn’t raise the amount of money I invested in them for Pajama Program but I can’t bear to only raise $5-$10 for each Funko when they cost $200 each to create. So I’ll refund those raffles tickets and I’ll donate $200 to Pajama Program myself in Basecamp 33’s name.

To be clear, this is all on me. It probably would’ve been best to have Briarcon during TMP but I just wasn’t capable of doing it all. I probably could’ve done a lot more to push and encourage, but with the BoB beta quickly approaching, four others books needing editing, and the AGP site launching soon, I just don’t have the bandwidth. I’m still recovering from TMP to be honest.

We’ll still plan a listening party for Simon’s Phase 4 soundtrack and I’ll also still do the writer’s breakout for everyone who signed up (at later dates.)

Maybe next fall.


Also, want to say that some of the surprises and the reveal of a new, upcoming interactive experience will still be let out of the bag, I’m just going to put them on the AGP when it launches.


Hey, it’s okay! With more people, it would of worked and we will have them next year! :+1: We can still have fun and party though during the soundtrack listening! :grin:


This was a great test run! We now know where it when wrong and we can imporve on it. Like 5 said, we will hopefully have more people next year. We really appreciate everything you’ve done here. Thank you for everthing CJ!


Also, this gives you some experience for next year’s Con.


I’m sorry to hear this. I think we all understand though. It’s better you to cancel this then draw yourself way too thin.


I’m sad Briarcon won’t be happening this year, but it’s understandable. :disappointed_relieved: There’s so much you already have on your plate, a convention is hard enough to organize without all those other things. Maybe we can figure something out in the future.


I think I can speak for the other Mounties (and feel that I’m echoing their sentiments posted above here) when I say that we all support you 100%. This community simply wouldn’t exist without you. No apologies needed.


Don’t worry about refunding me CJ! It’s going to a good cause! Wish I could have donated more but still haven’t preordered my books yet :joy:
I know what you mean about the fatigue. I finished moving… sometime ago and I still haven’t recovered :sleeping: