Briarcon 2017 - An Online Event (10/21/2017)



Weekend of Oct 21st :grin:


So happy it’s online cause I can’t take time off lol


Well, some people in their mid-50s look like they’re 30 :roll_eyes: and others look… ate up :grimacing:




:scream: Awesome!


Nice design! I really like the peeping idea!


i know for a fact me and two others are from canada, kamloops bc in particular. dunno if vancouver or kelowna would work for meeting in this part of the world but i cant travel far.


We have a lot of Canadian Mountaineers. It’s likely that arrangements will eventually be made for unofficial Canada Mountie meetups in the future, although I can’t say whether it will be AGP sponsored or independent of that.


It sucks that I can’t get over to the US for this


Briarcon is online. You don’t have to go anywhere.


Hahaha Im so use to these things being international that I forgot this was online! Woops! :joy:


Should we possibly but that in the title of the thread? Like this : Briarcon2017 (online)


Fixed it.




Thank you! Just figured it’d be easier for everyone. :+1:t3:


The entire schedule is up and as soon as the raffle/Funko giveaway has jumped through its last legal and regulatory hurdles, I’ll update the site with that link too!


So excited for this.


Love that there’s a voice chat after!! :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:and those pins at the top after amazing!


I won’t be there in the morning. :sob::sob::sob: Keep me updated please!!


No worries @Mr5yy, everything will be on YouTube!