Briarcon 2017 - An Online Event (10/21/2017)



Just to let you know Briarcon is online now.


I just got the pic and have to share with you guys the first custom Funko for Briarcon '17!
Can you guess who he is?


so even if i cant be there physically, i’ll be there online!


@grimangel53, I think you were away when I did the Briarcon announcement hangout… it’s ALL going to be online! You don’t have to miss a thing!



I’m always away when big things happen! short the assessments. im usually able to be on when those happen


I’m going on a distant limb and guessing either Fletcher Dawson or Sullivan Green.


I am so in love :heart:


Ayyyyyy! I have a solid guess :wink:

I want one so bad :sob:


He’s beautiful :heart_eyes:


3 of 4. Martin is up next…


Very cool. What’s that in Deidre’s hand?


I think… Is that Sullivan’s journal!?! :scream:


It’s a volume of The Monarch Papers. :slight_smile:


Omg those are awesome!!!


We’re touching up Martin’s coat just a little to make the lapels pop, but otherwise… here are the “Series 1” TMP Funko that I’m giving away at Briarcon!

image1 3


When is Briarcon again??


Endri and Cags :heart_eyes:

Martin doesn’t look as old as I was expecting…


You can’t see here but he has graying temples and a little gray throughout but I didn’t want to go full on painted wrinkles. He’s only in his mid-50s. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

We’re giving him a lighter collared shirt too. And by “we” I mean I’m asking the crazy-talented guy who’s creating these to give him a lighter collared shirt.


October 21st!!!


Yay!!! Gives me time to save up!!!