Briarcon 2017 - An Online Event (10/21/2017)



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Well, my friend, we have just the thing!


Meet halfway? I don’t mind a bit of weekend travel. Let’s see what the majority decide date-wise.


It’s more Central than NYC, that’s either a flight or multiple days driving for me


If anyone is interested in going and doesn’t mind sharing a bed/apartment with others, it can be a lot cheaper in the way of finding a place to stay, you can PM me here or on the discord to figure out details


Hey! Could you guys vote on what days would work for you? It’s a multiple choice poll so you can pick as many as you like.

  • Sept 15 - 17
  • Sept 22 - 24
  • Sept 29 - Oct 1
  • Oct 6 - 8
  • Oct 13 - 15
  • Oct 20 - 22

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Also, if you could post below with, say, your top 3 best weekends, that would be good too.


8th of October and 17th of September. Really any weekend but the 22nd of September


I’m still kind of up in the air right now due to strange life circumstances, but most doable times for me would be the weekends of Oct 13- 15 or Oct 6-8. If it ends up being in September I’ll still try, but I’m just not sure about affordability. :sweat:

Btw, if any of y’all are seasoned travelers and have tips on how to do it on the cheap, I’m all ears. :eyes:


In my experience, if you can manage the flight expense (plus food and such while there), the trip becomes quite viable. Finding a cheap place to stay is not the hardest task, and if you have free lodging, then travel becomes a lot more doable. Arc and I are looking into getting an airbnb for the trip, which is cheaper than most hotels already, plus it’ll be cheaper still when we split the price. Even cheaper if you’re comfortable sharing a bed with someone so a smaller place can be rented.

The crux of this is that you focus on making sure you can fly and not starve. The rest can be figured out as we look at housing options.


I don’t mind sleeping on the floor if need be, tbh. xD I think the ticket’s gonna be the priciest thing for me, it’s about $250 - $300 for a round trip. I’ve been looking at train tickets and that might be the secret, but I think that might actually cost more money for a round trip. :scream_cat:


This is so far in the future I have no hope of knowing when I’ll be free. It’ll be a coin toss for me.


Anything but the 7/8 October. Bit busy that weekend, even for call ins.


I’d like to go in September, just so I don’t have to work around College. But it sounds like so much fun, I would go anyways.


September is actually when I’m moving to the US (Illinois), so late September-October would actually be plausible for me depending on how interstate travel is over there (no idea what American public transport is like)


Public transportation from Illinois to New York would be slightly difficult. Unless you mean like flying.


Flying could work, depending on the price! I imagine it’ll be cheaper the earlier you book it, like most travel arrangements?


Most likely. You can see about taking a grey hound bus from the nearest town that has it to New York, or if someone else is going through Illinois that is going to the event, they might take you.


Flying is definitely the fastest and most economic way to travel in the US. A round trip plane ticket from Chicago to NY, for example, currently costs less than $200 (cheapest I found was $168). There are trains in the US (and greyhounds, as Mr said), but they usually end up costing you more when you’re talking about longer distance travel. Like a train from Chicago to NY would take you basically a full day’s worth of travel and you’d be paying slightly more than the cost of a plane ticket.


Pretty much depends on how you want to travel. I’ll probably be driving up to New York from Ohio.


It depends in where in IL you are going to be, if you are on the southeastern side, you could drive to indy and take a train from there


Ah right, sounds liking flying is the way to go, thanks!