Briarcon 2017 - An Online Event (10/21/2017)



This is so we have a place here on the forum where we can discuss a potential meet up later in the year.


Briarcon! I like it.


Thinking maybe last half of September? I will make myself available no matter what, so it’s a matter of everybody figuring out if/when they could go. Thinking NYC, but I’d fly somewhere that’s more convenient for everyone and we’ll also do a live Google Hangout so anyone could “show up” from anywhere in the world.


I am pretty much game for whatever (as long as I can make it work with work). Anywhere in the US is a fun travel adventure for me


If we do NYC I can take care of location, etc.


I vote NYC!


I’m already coming up with my activities list for this trip.

  1. Get selfie in front of lions at NY Public Library

  2. Visit Morgan Library and creepy red room. Do not joke about burning it down within earshot of security.

  3. Try not to get arrested while sneaking into abandoned subway station

But if we hold it somewhere else, I’m down for that too. :slight_smile:


A hangout would be good for those of us on the other side of the pond. Just out of curiosity, do we know how many Brits and Europeans there are in the membership?


I’ll wave lots via the internet… we could do parallel meets this side of the pond, depending on dates times and transport networks.

falls off chair laughing at transportation


Umm, following like a suspicious person in a fedora and glasses wearing a trenchcoat.

I’m flexible, personally.


Lol whereabouts are you @MissEvans?


I’m awkwardly on the other side of the border on the opposite end of the country from New York, but I will do my best to attend either physically or virtually.


NYC is perfect for me! It’s like an hour and a half drive.


Same Vic highfives




What about Gen Con in Indy in late August?


Now that’s just tempting me to roadtrip. Indy’s a seven hour drive from where I live.

I think it’d be pretty out of the way for a lot of folks though. :sweat:


I’m in the middle of Southern Rail territory: Worthing.


Where are we at with having a chat function?

I wouldn’t mind a more casual space to get to know the rest of you :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: Burnley. A bit of a way then