Brandon Lachmann: The Fourth Fragment: General


Nicely done everyone!! I am posting an updated map below with all four beacons on it. The e-mail says to follow the beacon’s lights, so maybe this will help


Here it is. Almost looks like an arrow pointing somewhere.


New files have been added:

I believe the rest are audio files but someone else should check just in case I missed something.

EDIT: and a second countdown has begun. We have just under five days.


Looks like the circles on the map you posted @Mike are the beacon locations, and they seem to fit the map I just posted. I can go through the audio files and transcribe again.


I think you’re right about that being an arrow pointing to something. Should help us narrow down the disc location.


With King Rabbit’s “X Marks The Spot” puzzle, four spaces intersected at Trinity Church which was the solution for the Richard Churcher. puzzle… ( doesn’t that seem like ages ago?) I figured it was worth a shot to try again, so…

It doesn’t intersect anywhere directly but it’s a few meters from “The Triplets Bridge” in Central Park.


@AlisonB, I’m going to move this to the General topic because that’s where the conversation has moved. I’m marking the fourth beacon as solved.


I think you’re on to something @AlisonB. Triplets Bridge, a three-headed troll, seems like a pretty important coincidence.


These puzzles are looking more and more connected the deeper we go.

EDIT: TRInity Church. TRIplets Bridge.

EDIT EDIT: 33! Have I gone mad?


Nope. I think this is all intentional.

And I went ahead and followed your lead with the game map and marked lines between the beacons:

Do we know what that part of the map is?


It’s an open field in front of the Museum of natural history, Nothing there I’ve been able to find, except a bridge.

The 77th street stone arch.


So the Audio Files are older. One (From the 16th) was transcribed by @Endri a couple days ago. It says:

October 19th 1986

This is working. I knew it would. I can feel it. I knew if I found the right things, the right order, I could make it work. It’s just like Forest of Darkening Glass. I found the path in the book and it unlocked something in my head. I wish I knew who left it there. Now I gotta make my own lock. My own door. The game, the story, the riddle and then the questions. Three trials that unlock the last door.

It has to be complicated. It has to have moving parts. That’s how you do it. That’s how you make magic. It’s words. It’s ideas. It’s all around us. What we think is everyday stuff holds power. You just have to decide how it works, then believe it. You have to put ideas in the space between things, and then those ideas connect everything. That’s what magic is. There is no empty space.

It’s time to move on to the second trial. The story. The one I remember like it was real. It’s just a maze, but you can’t trust your eyes. You have to listen. That’s the key.

I’ll worry about the final riddle later. Maybe something scary. I don’t know…

I know I sound crazy. I can’t tell anyone. Not now. But I’m gonna leave this all behind so other people can find me. Leave a trail to the truth. It’s not fair to keep it all to myself. But right now, I have to do it on my own.

The other (from the 18th), which I transcribed yesterday, says:

October 22, 1986

I was in the park today working on the game and that was the spot where it all started… a year ago, out on the Great Lawn. I left school early, was reading, writing… three older kids came up to me wearing masks, it was almost Hallowe’en. One of them kicked my notebook out of my hands and another one took my copy of Forest, the only one I could ever find. I stood up to them. I tried to get it and they beat me up, bad. I can remember lying in the grass watching all my notebook pages fly all over the park, stuck to statues, under benches, in the woods. One of those kids kicked me in the head over and over. Mom and Dad found me late that night, still no book, looking for my pages. I didn’t even know I was bleeding. After that, everything changed. I could see things, hear things, feel things. I heard Mom and Dad whispering, a couple months ago, in the kitchen that maybe something happened to my brain when they beat me up because that’s when everything started. I don’t know if it was the bullies but something definitely changed that day.

It is interesting in the first audio file he says “You can’t trust your eyes. You need to listen.” and audio files were given to us. And still haven’t been removed from index yet. That just seems interesting to me.


Not to mention the literary troll/bridge connection?


So…did we solve the next step? The task was ‘follow the beacon’s light to find the disc’. Is the disc in Trinity Bridge? Or do we have to find something else? I’m not seeing a step past the bridge.

I agree though, Trinity, Triplets, 3:33 it’s all too lined up to be mere coincidence.


I isolated the sound as much as I could. It sounds like a wooden block and it knocks every 4-5 seconds (it’s hard for me to get the exact timing down). But it’s constant and always at that 4-5 second interval. Not sure how this helps us though.


If it’s a regular knocking it could just be poor quality cassette tape - sometimes tape on a spool will produce background noise and low grade ‘bumps’


“We will share the materials only if you find the disc.”

The Devoted said we’d need people in NYC. @Dustin, @H3RM3S, care to check out Triplets Bridge? Any other lurkers in NYC?

I don’t think they’re going to let us move forward until we “find the disc.”


Great work everyone! Sorry I wasn’t able to help to much this time around, as I typically try to do. Today has been a busy day and kinda still is! I will say, that with the new countdown being posted, its going to end on Oct. 25th. Did anything happen that day? They said they needed us in the city on the 29th, not the 25th, as far as I can remember. I’m not caught up right now, so hopefully this hasn’t been already discussed!


I’m worried that we have even less time than we did on the last countdown. Should I have Eaves send out an update email to see if anyone not in the forum can go investigate the bridge ASAP?


I feel like it doesn’t hurt at this point