Book Of Briairs locks


So I have a quick question about the Book of Briairs. While trying to catch up speed about everything I happened to click on the link to view the site, and somehow 22 of the locks are already open, when the day before none where. I don’t know if the book is unlocked slowly by everyone, or individuals have to find the clues themselves. Help!


The Book of Briars is being opened communally, by everyone. After we succeed in finding four fragments and completing a magimystic assessment, a new key is found and a lock opened. Right now we’ve unlocked two locks - the flora and fauna locks - and we’re currently on the third.

I’m not sure why the locks wouldn’t be showing, it might have just been an error of some sort, or perhaps magimystical currents weren’t right. Either way, there definitely should be two of the locks unlocked, on the left side of the book.


Ok, thanks for the info! They’re both showing up now, so might have been my computer, who knows. I’ve just been seeing people talk about reading pages or seeing things inside the book and I was confused.


So, that’s another aspect of things - we do get materials from the book, but there aren’t any new ones right now. Usually for a week or two after an assessment has been successfully completed, you can click on the book to get new materials, but there hasn’t been an assessment for a while. Right now you should just see the regular ol’ Book.


Ok. Thanks for clearing that up!


No problem, let me know if you have any other questions. :slight_smile: