Balimora Guild House Map


We all know I’m supposed to be doing sketches of fantasy sonas in THIS thread (and those will get done in time, don’t worry), but I… got sidetracked…

Now, this could go into The Visual Arts Thread , The DND thread , or even the pretty old Guild House thread , but it felt like a better idea to start a new thread entirely because:

I have created a dnd/battlemap style map of the Balimora guild house (my interpretation of it, ofc) but the rooms need furnishing! And I don’t know anything about you Balimoran folk. So, without further ado, here’s the unfurnished map, with and without a grid

Now what I need to know is: how do I furnish this? Does anyone have any particular rooms they would like me to furnish with anything specific? (I can post a version with numbered rooms if that helps) Let me know what you think! :blossom:


yooooo, thats really cool!

might need to be my personal canonical version of the house, tbh


Thank you! I’m glad you like it! Obviously the outside is up to interpretation, as are all the rooms (I’ll be filling them up later for aesthetic’s sake of course) but that’s my concept for the layout! All built around the trees :blossom:


I am in love :heart_eyes: so pretty :exclamation:

Magiq Dungeons and Dragons is my life dream haha


This is fantastic!! It looks so cozy and nature-y!!


Thank you so much @OracleSage ! Magiq dungeons and dragons could be so cool. Though it would probably be better on the fate system, since that incorporates less combat and more rp and puzzles? Now you’ve got me thinking about it…

@Tinker Thank you so much! I’m glad, that’s the mood I was going for! I even built the carpet pattern in some lil symmetry designing program because I was like ‘it’s got to work for all sorts of colours…’ At first I was considering a softer, more pastel aesthetic, but when going with nature it’d be wrong not to use green and maroon! :blossom: