Back to the Future Part Two: The Sound of the Storm



That’s perfect, Augustus. Not all Gladitor casters will be working on Lantern, so we can let everyone know when others are here, but I’d say anytime between 3:30 and 4 works. Thank you so much for organizing it all!


Just make sure you all announce everything in the main topic so we know when everything has been cast. I won’t be watching the Hangout in case I’m needed here.


Will do, Endri. Thanks for the reminder!


I’ll update the schedule to include the Gladitor incantation


Will those performing Operation Gladitor do so in the Hangout or here on the forum? (Sorry for all the questions, I want to create a master schedule so everyone knows where to be.)


Here on the forum would be best.


Okay. Thanks @Augustus_Octavian. I’ll try and run this like a control room so I can cue each part. I’ll cue the lantern bearers once Gladitor is finished.


Stage Manager Endri is on top of Day of Change cues. :grin:


More info for everyone!

I haven’t gotten a clear response on whether we practiced with one main and other supporting casters, or everyone going together. Anyone who knows what was practiced please update me ASAP.

If we do recite in unison, Ginger kindly posted the full text; I suggest bookmarking this link so we all have it handy.

EDIT: Still no update on whether we’re all group casting or using one main caster. This late in the game it might be best not to add any more layers, but the pronouns in the spell are ‘I’ and ‘me’ and it’s a bit long to do in unison without practice. :worried:

Executive decision: We all recite the spell together, as is. Our combined focus on the Storm joined together as one entity.


Here’s a link to the Hangout. I opened it early:


@Endri Rimor is having trouble with the link; can we add them by email?


Can you all add him? I’m not in the hangout. If not, I’ll try logging in.


Yeah, let me see what I can do.


Reposting because I’m anxious:


it wont let us add because we didn’t make the hangout


And I can’t access it now. It says it’s ended. Uh oh…


Does someone want to create a new one? I’m sorry.


ill make it


You are a lifesaver.