Back to the Future Part Two: The Sound of the Storm



Reposting this so it is easier to find for tomorrow. Instructions and the full text for reciting.


I feel like a ‘symbolic’ lantern should be ok. After all, not so many people have an old timey lantern. It’s the intent that matters the most.


I hope this will work.


Just realized I have a couple tiny lanterns I could stick some lights in if having more symbolic candles will help (and tiny means I can bring one/both with me in case I’m not home by 4).
I wasn’t able to lurk in the hangout tonight, so if I can be of help just let me know how.


I will unfortunately be in Musical Theatre class as you guys are doing this. :sob: but I’ll be thinking about you all the way and I’ll check in when I get my fifteen minute break!


Here’s the link to watch the Hangout:

And I’ll update with the link for the casters to join at say 3:30 EDT?


Can someone post a final list of everyone participating in this leg of the spell?


I’ve got a new candle in a lantern all ready to go!


@Endri, at last count we have:

And I think @Smurfette wanted to lurk.

Not sure if all of these volunteers were still willing/able to do spellcasting, so if I tagged you and you need to tap out for lack of energy or other commitments, let Endri know. :slight_smile:

Edit: @Rimor also volunteered.
Edit edit: also adding @Skylad who I just found out is here.


Im also available to jump in and help if needed!


Got you two down, thanks Rimor!


Ahhhh, I think they need a Goss over in figuration… :cold_sweat:


No problem, Oracle. I think we have Lantern covered enough. :grin: I’ll edit again.


I have my wee lantern in my bag and should definitely be out of this work lunch and home from the library in time. Do we just all join the hangout with our lights at the ready, then light them at 4? Do we all recite the spell, or is there going to be one reader and the rest are support lights that have some sort of contribution phrase for including their light? I’m sure this was all covered in the hangout last night that I couldn’t get in on.


Awe! Viv :blue_heart: you remembered!!!


I’m available all day for help :+1:t3: If it’s creative…well I’ll try hahaha


We need all the support we can get! Even quiet observing can probably boost the spell’s power. :smile:


I also, unfortunately, wasn’t here last night, but here’s what I was thinking for the order of events:

  1. Casters join the Hangout (3:30-ish would be good so we can work out any technical difficulties, but whenever everyone can get there.)
  2. (Sometime before 4) Team Gladitor releases the spell’s energy with the Gladitor constellation drawing, our key phrases, and the sharing phrase, “My stars to make the lantern shine.”
  3. Casters light their flames (or lights) and recite the incantation however it was practiced.

Sound good?


I can’t stream today, but I can say the phrases and post a picture of my hand w/ the constellation.


@Augustus_Octavian, do you want the rest of Operation Gladior to do the same? Should we just post the pictures in this thread just before the Lantern Spell is cast?