Back to the Future Part Two: The Sound of the Storm



Well, we have our Lantern Bearer. Any other preparations or additions we want to make now, before the casting tomorrow?

We should be ready tomorrow. Marty and Cole will need all the support they can get.


I’ve got candles and I think a lantern, so I’m good for whatever needs doing tomorrow, I think!


Oh, we do have someone now? Did I miss/misinterpret something in another thread?

I still feel like it couldn’t hurt to write a story…


Maybe we don’t, but that role may fall to Marty and Cole. Since they’ll be in proximity to the Storm.


Maybe instead of writing a full new story, for the sake of time, could we look at the text of the spell to see if we need to change words to fit our needs better, or maybe add a verse? I don’t want to risk “breaking” the spell and risking it not working, but we don’t have a ton of time left especially if we want to practice like Endri requested…


@Marty.60 and @CRSumner, wanted to make sure the two of you are looped in on this, since you’re the ones opening the can of Storm-bait (i.e. Neithernor).

So, nailing down the logistics: The Lantern of Low Hollow was originally designed to let one person hear/control an entity, and it supposedly works best if you’re in close proximity to whatever you’re trying to control. Marty and Cole would seemingly fit that bill best. However, we have an entire group of story-weavers who worked out the tale we’re going to use to communicate what we want the Storm to do, which also kind of fits the bill of “controlling” it.

Here’s what I propose: a) Marty and Cole could light a candle with us and “link in” to the spell. (Maybe not necessary, but if you guys could get your hands on a candle I don’t think it could hurt.)
b) Group 2 (that’s this thread) recites the spell together as one, activating a connection to the Storm.
c) As we perform the spell, we somehow link in Group 3’s storytellers, who will recite the story to the Storm through the Lantern spell.

Does that make sense?


If we all do one big hangout, I would think we could just tap in the story-readers in a sort of magiqal relay…so that should work?

Edit: like, have everyone on at once and start with the candle/lantern people doing their thing and once that’s all set the story readers go? Plus, then we have the benefit of keeping all the magiq focused in the same place which might help…


I…think that would work, actually, as long as all casters have video access at the right time. I wouldn’t want to botch this due to technical difficulties.


That calls for opening the hangout about 25min before go time to ensure everyone is good beforehand.


Can I lurk and watch?!


I messaged Cole too and am waiting to hear back but I don’t think we can count on Cole or Marty to be the lantern bearer, given they’ll be in the middle of midtown Manhattan. I do think it’s a good idea to centralize the spell with one person and then have support spellcasters?

I can get a Hangout set up by then…


That seems fair, Endri. Lighting candles and doing rituals in public in Manhattan may not the best or easiest plan…

In that case, do you think one of us should be the central spellcaster? Maybe whoever is closest to New York, but at current distances I’m not sure it matters. And if we do have one central spellcaster, would we still be able to link the storytellers up with the Storm to do their bit?


I’m hoping when Cole lets us know where he’s going to be tomorrow we can collectively focus our attention and energy there. It’s the best we can do being so spread out. I will say though, using our mental focus and the forum as a digital conduit has worked in the past to perform magiq at a distance. I hope it works this time.


Oh! So we’re focusing the power to control the Storm at the Storm, and then the people doing the Figuration also focus the Figuration at the Storm? Am I getting that right?
(Sorry I’m being so annoying and nitpicky. I’m just worried about tomorrow, and I deal with my worry bu figuring out exactly how everything works. :joy: )


That’s what I was assuming, but if you guys have other ideas we should definitely discuss. I don’t want to derail you all.



Does it have be an actual Lantern? I have a candle warmer in the shape of a lantern if that would work.


Id be happy to lend any support I can!


Hey, I will be around if you need more voices for the lantern of low hollow!


It looks like we have everyone, but you never know what happens.