Back to the Future Part Two: The Sound of the Storm



So I think the obvious choice is candles. They need to be unlit apparently so new candles. What else should we add?


Sounds like a writing implement, preferably of the paper/pen variety for whatever we hear…


And at that, I have to be out of this group. No candles for me I’m afraid.


Osh. We don’t have to light the candle right? Can’t have lit candles in a dorm room.


Maybe depending on how things go, we can have some people do the candle part and some on paper/pen duty. Or maybe a new battery-powered candle would help so long as we have others doing real fire?


officially volunteers for this team, after bouncing around giving unsolicited opinions for days

Here are my thoughts: This spell seems to have been designed, originally, for one person to perform. Obviously we don’t have nearly enough power to do it that way, but I think if we have at least one lit flame, we can still pull it off and have other casters contribute their power to the spell another way.

I also like @Deyavi’s idea of coming up with a story, eapecially since the original spell seems to be preceded by a sort of journal entry.

My biggest question is, how can we incorporate multiple casters? Who’s gonna be the one to volunteer hearing the Storm in their head? Or will it manifest another way when there are multuple casters?


The concept of a grounding hex, or Calling the Corners is that 6 people cast a spell that protects 1 other person doing something else. I think we could incorporate multiple casters the same sort of way. We have one ‘Lantern Bearer’ and everyone else is focused on bolstering that person.

To geek out a bit, think of it as load sharing. There are too many voices, and too much strength in the storm, but if each assistant caster agrees to share some of the load then we can handle it.

Or think of it as braiding together many smaller ropes to make one unbreakable lasso the Lantern Bearer will use to hold onto the Storm long enough to hear and control it.

Apparently I’m in a metaphor creating mood today.

If we want to go down this path (and I’m not saying we have to, I’m just offering suggestions.)

  1. We need a story that the Lantern Bearer will tell the Storm to get the Book of Briars for us. (That’s the other groups task.)

  2. We need some way of the other casters to bolster the Lantern Bearer. If you can’t do flames it could be something symbolic like shining a flashlight in their direction, or turning out all the lights in your room except for one small light and say something like ‘I offer all my light to make our Lantern shine stronger’, or something more complicated. Heck, each individual caster can do their own symbolic means of strengthening the Lantern. There’s strength in variation and Chaos.

  3. The Lantern Bearer (protected by the Calling the Corners done earlier) will then make contact with the Storm and try to hear and control it. Who will this be? Well there’s a problem. I believe the spell says ideally you have to be in proximity of it to do this. We may to need someone to call out the storm, then stand there near it.

  4. We tell it the story created in Step 1 to bring back the Book of Brairs.

  5. We send it to collect the Little Red House from wherever it is (Hopefully we can talk Deeds or Cole into putting it somewhere away from innocents.)

  6. Once it returns and we confirm we have the Book we tell it another story to convince it it’s time to rest and disperse. By bringing us the Book it’s made us, and Nate’s father extremely proud forever and it can take a long deserved rest.

Totally easy… Just 6 mindblowing steps… I think I need to lay down.


So… Am I allowed to “Mountieefy” the spell? Or is there something I can do in the mean time?


Anything i can do?


Alright, Mountaineers. With T minus 3 days til the big day, we have some decisions to make and some spell prep to finish.

I’ve made a list of preparations that have been suggested, plus one or two I just thought of; let me know if I’ve missed anything:

  • acquire an unlit lamp/candle/light source for every co-caster
  • write a story/journal entry personalized to the Mountaineers to precede the spell; formally adding a Basecamp context to the spell may help bolster the power of our intent
  • work out how/at what point to incorporate the energies from Operation Gladitor, if they haven’t been spent already ( @Augustus_Octavian spelled this out in that thread; I may have another detail to add)
  • nominate a Lantern Bearer, or figure out how to possibly co-cast the spell
  • look for other sources of magiq that we can break down or repurpose to add power to the spell. (Seriously, I am heckin’ nervous about facing down the Storm like this. As much strength as we can get is great.)
  • make hats. Seriously, I don’t think this could hurt. :wink:


These hats should most definitely be made from tin foil, haha. :tinfoilhat:


And in the shape of crowns for our Royal Tinfoilers :raised_hands:t3:


Ok so I found a Tiara, can I just cover it in tinfoil for my hat?


Since the other teams seem to have everything covered, mind if I join in? I can help light a candle at least? :sweat_smile:

I know some ideas have been bounced around, but I wonder if it’d be good to decorate the area around the candles? We could make a kind of element themed shrine around it to help bolster the connection to the Calling of the Corners aspect.

Also, for folks who can’t have an open flame in their home, might I suggest flameless/led candles? They’re battery-powered candle-shaped lights. They look just like a real candle, but the “flame” inside is a light bulb. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hahahah I’m in the same boat as you! Do you kids want me to do anything??


I could light multiple of those I think. and the decoration thing is a good idea. what do you think we should use? I was thinking of using a glass jar, putting the candle inside, then encircling it in orange fairy lights I have. is that a good idea? also what time are we doing this?


Do I have to make a funny hat or can I decorate one that I have?


What I would suggest is that once the Lantern spell is set up but before it is cast, the Gladitor team say their key phrases, then proceed with the Lantern spell. I’m won’t be available for any teleconferencing, but if we agree on a time for each to happen (e.g. set up at 3:45, Lantern at 4:00, we can each do that in that window of time. I can give someone a way to alert me if there are any changes, if need be.


Good idea, Rev! I happen to have an actual lantern I use to hold candles when I meditate; I was already going to use that to help focus my energy, but I could also set up something outside with runes or other components to boost the light? What do we think? Other ideas?

And @Augustus_Octavian, we were mentioning here that, if we did this with one caster, the others should say a phrase to share their light and focus with the caster. I was wondering if we should add something similar for Gladitor; handy since it’s focused through a constellation! Just adding something like, “My stars to make the lantern shine,” maybe? Make sure all that power gets focused where needed. Does that seem like a good idea?


Yes! Let me know what to do and when to do it.