Back to the Future Part Two: The Sound of the Storm



Once again, Robert said it better than I ever could, this topic is to discuss figuring out and setting up using The Latern of Low Hollow.

Mountie Team 2 Volunteers:

Nimueh (No fire)
Mr5yy (Also no fire?)


I’m up for being in this team. Moutaineerizing sounds cool! :smiley: I’ll go wherever though, all groups sound awesome.


I think I want to help with this part…fingers crossed we get the second half of the spell soon!


Do a funny dance!


Can we PLEASE make hats!!!


Btw I’ve officially joined this group I love getting creative ((DHMIS Flashbacks))


This may help.


Isn’t the story Part Three’s task? or am I not reading that correctly? :sweat_smile:


I think he means to use the energy built up from the Operation Gladitor work, the people who’ve been doing it need to read bits of the stories associated with that. The stories for 9/23 are a different set of stories.

(not to talk for you @Augustus_Octavian, so correct me if I’m wrong about that)


Oh no…


You’re spot on, Tinker!


Oh okay.


I still think making tinfoil hats would be a good idea


Always. :tinfoilhat:


Can I help with this team? I’d like to wear a funny hat!


I’d like to volunteer for this team!




Okay, I know we don’t have the full spell yet (hopefully that’ll come from Ascender today fingers crossed), but I think we need to start working out how we’re going to deal with this spell. Do we want to add physical components (items like the callign the coners spell? Everyone wear tinfoil hats?)? Do we want to write stories to keep in mind while we recite the spell?



The story of The Lantern of Low Hollow is a story about a man and his wife. Perhaps we should consider cobbling together a narrative more closely related to us, something that more of us can relate to on an emotional level so we have more to draw on in experience, memory, and feeling. Things that influence the strength of our magiq. Something that enhances the spell, without necessarily changing it, because we don’t necessarily know all of the elements of the spell that make it work precisely the way it does.

Of course, for this to be truly effective, we need Ascender’s half of the spell. But we can start brainstorming.


We have the first part!