Back to the Future Part Three: Telling the Tallest Tale



Okay, at that I think we all need to read all of it. Less confusion, anyone who wants to take part can just jump in and read. How does that sound to everyone?


Well even if we end up with up to seven we should still be fine, that is, if we decide to go with two hangouts.


It can’t hurt, thats for sure!


This hangout buisseness seems tricky. Maybe Endri had the right idea, reading and posting on a forum thread instead of setting up 50some hangouts.


Also, is it possivble for someone to make up a version of the story seperated so i know whos reading what? I just feel like the more is pinned down the better.


Please pin down everything… :fearful:


Yeah, we need to get a final draft of this story asap, one of the guild leaders can pin it afterwards.


How are doing this btw, face chat or just on our own?


So if we don’t do a hangout, the story will just be posted when we get the go ahead from the Latern casters in the Day of Change thread. We will split it up between the amount of people we have willing, and they’ll post their part and say it aloud?

Yes, no? More tinfoil?


Bahaha, makes sense. I am okay with either but we need to be sure everyone knows their assigned verse(s)


I agree with @OracleSage. We definitely need to pin down which verses everyone is reading, regardless of medium, and we need to do it quickly.

Also yes, @Ginger. We always need more tinfoil.


If no one objects I will assign verses?
Unless someone wants to read certain parts? I will attempt to give guilds their characters?


Sign me up for wherever you need me!


Go ahead Ginger. If you don’t do it, I doubt anyone will.


Go for it Ginger


Also, are we posting voice recordings of us reading or just posting our verse as acknowledgement that we read it?


Good question. Team, what do people want/are capable of?


Umm, it would take much longer to record and post the audio, and time is of the essence.


I’ve had issue posting audio on here before :cold_sweat:


I think reading it aloud and posting your verse should be fine.