Back to the Future Part Three: Telling the Tallest Tale



I think it does, but that’s just me.


Yep, I think land and end are the best so far. :slight_smile:


Can someone post a final list of everyone participating in this leg of the spell?


Correct me if I’m wrong but I think we have

@Nimueh (Bali)
@OracleSage (Goss)
@Remus (WW)
@grimangel53 (Ebbie)
Myself (Ebbie)
@Sellalellen (Thornie)
@Skylad said he’s willing if around?

I took out Crytter because she already said she doubted she could make it, but if she pops online I’ll put her back in.

Do we need someone from each guild? Stunning lack of Flinterforge …


@Tinker or I might be available! We’re working it out since we have a Flinter excess in Lantern.

Edit: Go ahead and add me.


I’m not sure if we need every guild; we haven’t really worked out how we want to play this. Does each guild want to read about their child? If so, the guilds with more than one person can have the other reading the main narrative. We could all read the end verse togther, as I think that’s the section needing the most behind it to dispell the Storm.

Or we could have us all read together? Or just split it equally not caring about the guilds?


What if we read the beginning and the end in unison, like bookends. While each guild takes their verse?


Hmm. Good point. And I really want to make sure we have enough power for Lantern, regardless of Guild distribution. Although Figuration is also a tricksy business from what we’ve been told.


So here’s what I’m thinking… The lantern bearers are going to perform their spell on a Hangout. Once they’re finished, I can cue you to begin in the Day of Change thread? Would you like to read and post your part of the story so we can all keep track or do you want me to try and run another Hangout for you? My only concern is that all casters will be in Hangouts and if Cole or Marty need us I might be the only one seeing their posts in the topic.


If you want i can also keep an eye on the forum


It may be wise to have some “forum watchers”, people who can’t partake in spells but will let us know if something goes down?


I also would like, if possible, for casters to come to the topic once they’re done casting in case anything else is needed of us. Sorry, over preparing helps me not stress, as much.


How very Thornmouth :wink:

It is okay, breathe, we are here to help. What do you think is wisest? I wouldn’t want us to miss anything should Marty and Cole be in any true danger.


I’ll be about until 6 or 6:30 to help out how I can as well.


I’m used to multitasking, I can cast and watch the forum. Didn’t the lantern bearers say something about tag teaming in the same hangout, I’m sure that could work if everyone’s up for it?


Yeah, on second thought I’ve been doing a lot of organizing for Lantern. If we think we really need a Flinter for the Figuration I’ll jump in, but if not I’d prefer to stay on Lantern. Sorry to be so inconsistent. :worried:


Hangouts has a max of ten people, we would have to do it on two seperate streams.


No, that’s fine Viv, don’t spread yourself too thin. We’re casting some powerful magiq here, don’t want you getting sick <3

And I didn’t know that Oracle, so that rules that out…


We’ve had similar issues on a past spell, it just makes it really glitchy.

How many are participating in this spell?


I think 6 confirmed and @Skylad said he would help if he’s around, but I know he also wanted to help with the Lantern spell, that way he and I split the WW representation between us. I’m also supposed to help lend power to the Lantern spell with the Operation Gladitor folks, but I’m not sure how we’re doing that yet…