Back to the Future Part Three: Telling the Tallest Tale



I can´t say, if I am available on saturday, thats why I would prefer if someone else would jump in. Mayve @OracleSage or another @Gossmere could help out?
I will try to be online as a backup but can not promise anything, sorry.


I’ll try to be around too, make sure you tag me when you decide a date&time


Sounds to me like it’s going to be 7pm UTC on 23rd (this Saturday).

I can do the Bali, unless someone else wants to do it?


So cruel that you would have it at 0500 but I shall be there bells on :blush:


Actally, that’s 8pm here in the UK, so all good :smiley:

Edit: ops, 9pm, and ops, the UTC should be 8pm. Urg, I am too tired for time conversions…




I’ll make myself available for the spell if it comes to that. I’m also helping call the corners Friday so I don’t want to hog all the Goss magiq :cold_sweat:


Can I jump in and suggest that groups 2 and 3 coordinate how the story is presented? The original Latern of Low Hollow spell was designed to let only one person hear and control the entity in question, so if we really want more than one person to communicate, group 2 will need to figure out whether adjusting the spell is possible, or we need to find some other way of conveying the story. Maybe as a recording?


Please feel free to tweak my rhymes, by the way! There are a few couplets that I thought were pretty awkward and could definitely use some help. Specifically (but I’m sure there are more:)

Also, please don’t assume this is the final thing we’re reading - if anyone else wants to put together a narrative, we can vote of them - I know there were a few ideas floating around and the nursery rhyme was only one of those.


I managed to redraw my sketches now. When I was a child I always liked the books with beautiful pictures best (to be honest, I still do). So i hope, that having pictures for the story will make it more appealing to Nate.

Unfortunately, due to very mundane problems my scedule escalated from quite busy to omg I don´t know where to start - so I didn´t manage to colour them or to draw the peaceful end scene.

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Pretty sure if I ever have a daughter, she will be Frances. :joy:
These are lovely, Crytter!


I love these @Crytter!!!

@Viviane, I’m already pretty much George.


Okay, so we’re a little more than 48 hours out from the casting time on Saturday, and I wanted to get an idea of where we were all at with this part. From what I can see, we’ve got tons of volunteers here, an excellent poem by @Augustus_Octavian and @Crytter, as well as some pretty swell illustrations contributed by @Crytter. All in all, it seems like we’re in pretty good shape, but I want to make sure of some things so we’re not scrambling about trying to get everything together at the last minute.

First things first, are there any more elements we would like to add to the spell to try and make it more powerful? I know @Augustus_Octavian asked for some people to look over some of his rhymes to see if they could be tweaked a bit. We also have some other artistic mediums that we haven’t dabbled in thus far, though they might be difficult to incorporate in the spell’s current form.

Also, we have the matter of possibly having the power to dispel the Storm at the conclusion of the spell. It certainly isn’t a guarantee that we can, but maybe we should have something prepared in the event that we can. This could perhaps be a place where we could incorporate other mediums, like music.

Lastly, how are we handling the spell? Who are the participants, what do they need to do, and how are we performing the spell (I assume over a Google Hangout, but I’m not eliminating other options)?

There are probably things that I have forgotten to ask about, but I’ve got class in a couple minutes, so I need to get ready to head out. Thank you all for your time, and good luck, Mounties!


One thing that came to my mind just now: In the poem we do not exactly describe the storm exchanging one book for another. Maybe it would be good if there was a part where the kids & tree offer something that they would exchange for their old book?
And if we add this - which object should it be, now that we may have lost the access to “The little red house” - (or can the storm access it from everywhere?)


Maybe it could be altered so that the children loose a scarf and pendant while they get the book? I’m not sure how you guys would do that, the rhyme scheme may not allow it, but that seems to me like the best way.


I tried to do something like this at the end where the Storm sees all the sadness it had wrought, envies those who prevailed and are resting peacefully and decides to join them.


To me, that sounds like telling the storm to disperse. I agree with @Crytter that we need to be specific in the story what we’re giving in exchange for the book, otherwise we may well end up loosing someone…


That’s fine. Please feel free to re-work the rhymes as you all see fit. Starting yesterday evening, limited time resources due to mundane life obligations sadly prevent me from spending any further time on this.


Okay, so I took a quick look and tried to add another verse with the items being lost:

I also took a stab at the ending, sounds a little clumsy though…
I’m not sure the following couplet works though:

Brough is br-ow (as in ouch, or owl) and low is l-ow (as in oh), though this may be an accent thing…


It’s “bough” not “brough” - like the branches of a tree. Pronounced “bow” as in “bow out of courtesy” and now “bow in your hair”