Back to the Future Part Three: Telling the Tallest Tale



I’m thinking the death story’s a bit too dark as well.

Maybe something (that now that I think about it is pretty literal) more like a spirit being controlled by something evil, doing something good against the evil’s wishes, and moving on now that it has done something to atone for what it’s done/is no longer under the evil’s control.


I think the idea of @Augustus_Octavian is less dark and would give us the opportunity to be very specific about, what we want.

In a more children-story-like version there should be no problem to integrate, that the lost thing is in the past (because they have thrown it in a magical cauldron, a dragon stole it or whatsoever)


We could write 2-3 different stories in groups and then have the community vote on which one to use. I’d be happy to work on one with you, @Crytter!


I like this idea in general BUT we are quite short in time, aren´t we? Just 4 days left. oO
Maybe it would be better to work all together than to pitch?
I don´t know, how time consuming it is for you to write such a story … I would prefer to help out with ideas and maybe drawings of the characters than to actual write it.

What does the rest of you think: should we try to make different stories in smaller groups or decide for one now and work on it?


Well, if we say a deadline of tomorrow or Thursday for stories, we’ve got all of Friday and maybe some of Sat to finalise what we’re going with.

If we have a deadline of tomorrow, there’s even a possibility of combining parts of serveral stories into a larger one.


lull it to sleep, let it disperse and calm by lulling the child within to sleep.


Anyone writing a story going with the mythical creatures suggestion? I’m having trouble thinking what creature matches each guild. ATM I’m tossing up a unicorn for Goss, Centaur for either Bali or Ebbie, or maybe a Chimera for Bali. Maybe a Hippogryph for Ebbie? Very stuck on something for Weatherwatch, Flinterforge and Thornmouth… Sphynx at a push maybe for Thornmouth


Not sure how this would apply, but I nominate golem for Flinter. :slight_smile:


Closest thing I can come up with for Flinter is a Dwarf, but I suppose a Golem could kinda work. Something man made, rather than something that makes…


Here’s what @Crytter and I came up with for a nursery rhyme. @Crytter primarily came up with the concepts and I put it in words:

Old Father Oak Tree became dismayed,
while beneath his branches the children played.
“I’ve lost my Book!” He cried and sobbed,
While the leaves of his branches fluttered and bobbed.
“A Storm blew through with a mighty breeze,
and tossed my book out among the other trees!”

The children looked up at Father’ Oak’s face,
“To find your book at once we shall race!”
They cast about the roots of the tree,
but to no avail; the book had blown free.
Across the wide forest its pages were scattered,
It’s bindings wind-torn, worn and tattered.

Little Blonde George who stood in the Northwest,
cried “If we work together, we’ll be at our best!
To find Father’s Oak’s book among the far boughs,
we must gather together and search high and low.
If we go out alone, our chances are slim,
to find his tome and return it to him.”

Red-headed Frances looked out North and East,
fidgeting with her skirt, pleat and crease.
Out from her pack she took her tools,
Lenses, gears, cogs, and wire on spools.
She build a machine that would comb the wood,
and set it out to find the book, as it should.

Impetuous Walter ran too and fro,
Searching high and searching low.
Over the Western Mountains he peeked,
And was the first to spot what they’d seek.
The spine of the book lodged among stones,
Far away from their houses and homes.

Raven-haired Beatrice threw caution aside.
West-by-Southwest she began to stride.
At home among the forest she went ever forward,
The Wild’s most intrepid explorer.
With the other children following in tow,
They walked and walked, with miles to go.

Precocious young Thomas cried “That’s not the right way!
Toward the Southeast, our path does stray.
I’ve read the maps and read the charts,
And I know navigation is science, not art.
Let’s take the pass that leads us straight there,
and victory in finding the Book we shall share.”

Pale young Este held up her hand.
“Hold, my friends, 'till we have surveyed the land.
The paths we walk must head back East
back towards Father Oak tree, at least.
Once the Book’s found, what good will it do,
if we cannot find our way back through?"

The six little children (and Frances’ finding machine)
all made their way through glade and green.
They found Father’s book, nestled in rocks
and yanked it free, stronger than an ox.
They carried it back towards Father Oak tree,
shining with a pride that all could see.

“My Book! It’s been found!” exclaimed Old Father Oak,
then to the children, to each he then spoke:
“George, Frances, Walter, Beatrice, Thomas, Este,
you have each worked hard this on harrowing day.
Now rest and slumber, as you each deserve.
You have made me proud, my book is preserved!”

The children each layed down their tired young heads,
Oak’s leaves were their pillows, his branches, their beds.
And they dreamed of quiet, peaceful place,
where struggle was no more, with hearts filled with grace.
Old Father Oak looked on with pride,
at each of his children laying down sleepy-eyed.

And then the raging Storm did see,
Father and children resting happily.
He saw the anguish he had caused;
at that, the anger in heart did pause.
With the last page held in his grasp,
he knew he had one final task:

He returned the last page to Father Oak Tree
and finally could rest too, among the leaves [as a gentle breeze].

Open for commentary! Thanks again to my fellow Gossmere, Crytter!!!


You Gossmere may be small in number, but you all never cease amaze me!!

Amazing work @Crytter and @Augustus_Octavian!

This may just be me, but it almost seems fitting the nursery rhyme comes from Gossmere, anyone else feel that?


@Augustus_Octavian @Crytter You two have blown me away once again !! I am just… wow, that story is so perfect and was so much fun to read!


First sketches … @Revenir do you feel like doing some illustration, too? For example one of the crazy machine, the flinterforge girl built? :wink:



I’d say that’s absolutely perfect!

So, we’ve got 12 verse and a couplet. Do we want to each read one? I’d say maybe one person should read each of their respective guild’s verse, and split the four narrative section so @Augustus_Octavian and @Crytter have 2 each (it is your wonderful work after all) so long as your both okay with that? Or we could split it up so the 4 are taken by others? Then all in this group read the last couplet?


So, I’m not going to be able to do much of anything on Saturday. Thanks for considering me, though!


In down for the Thorn verse or whatever else I need to read. The poem sounds great.


I can read Weatherwatch’s verse, unless @Skylad or @WarriorRose want to instead.


When will it be happening?? I’m moving This week but if I can help anyway I will


i could do the ebenguard one.


So we have 3, maybe 4 guilds so far depending on Sky’s schedule.