Back to the Future Part Three: Telling the Tallest Tale



This topic is to discuss the final stage, which will be implemented if (read: when) the other parts succeed.

Mountie Team 3 Volunteers:

Revenir’s artistic ability
Crytter (Saturday availability uncertain)


I’m up for being in this team. Stories are certainly something I can do, or songs, maybeven stretch to poetry or a play. I mean, I’ve been in and seen enough plays I should be able to help write one, right? I’ll go wherever though, all groups sound awesome.


I’m not so good with the creative writing, but I totes volunteer to be part of Nim’s orchestra if need be! (and I can try to help in other ways too)


I’ll volunteer for this orchestra if that’s what we’re doing. As long as it’s not this weekend cause I’m at a wedding.


I can’t sing at all, but if we decide to go a non-musical route, I’d love to pitch in some illustrations to a story? Let me know. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m in the same boat as Rev, except I can only sort of write. I guess Operation Gladitor is getting pulled into the second part of this spell, but I would to contribute to this as well, if I can.


I’m not a singer either, but I’m a writer and I’ve dabbled in poetry. Perhaps we split this spell up into two parts, the ones who write it and those who sing it?


i think.
needs constant validation that his writing/storytelling/poetic skills are up to snuff.


I think this task is the most preparation intensive, so I´ll join you to help out wherever I can, because it´s unsure if I´ll have time on the actual big day.


Okay guys, I think we need to start working on content ideas, even if we don’t yet know the final form (song/story/poem etc.) it will take.

So, what do you guys want to do? I kind of want to keep it close to home, to tell it a story of the Mountaineers and the world we can make by bringing back magiq. We’re pleading with a person here, a child, I think we need to keep that in mind while we write.


Also, something that we should all also keep in mind in this group


I have a rough idea about how we could try to visualise a dispersing storm to a child, involving our guilds to make it personal:
If we imagine each guild as a child (or animal if we want a more fairytale style), an argue between those six could be quite stormy because they are so differnt. Maybe they argue about a lost thing and how to get it back. So the 6 elements are unstable and cause a storm - if they can bring back, their lost treasure, they can find peace and balance. The 6 kids could end their fight, if they would get back, what they are searching for. Maybe Nate could bring it to them and they would let him rest in their rows after that. - Of course that would not involve his father (he could be watching the scene, but thats no real involvement) …

That lets me think of one more thing: do we know how old nate is?


We could have 6 children/animals competing to get a lost something back for their parent, like the Mother Goose rhyme The Three Little Kittens:

The three little kittens, they lost their mittens,
And they began to cry,
“Oh, mother dear, we sadly fear,
That we have lost our mittens.”
“What! Lost your mittens, you naughty kittens!
Then you shall have no pie.”
“Meow, meow, meow.”
“Then you shall have no pie.”

The three little kittens, they found their mittens,
And they began to cry,
“Oh, mother dear, see here, see here,
For we have found our mittens.”
“Put on your mittens, you silly kittens,
And you shall have some pie.”
“Purr, purr, purr,
Oh, let us have some pie.”


Oh what a sweet rhyme!
I just had to imagine what mittens-kittens it would sound in german but Handschuhe-Katzen is no sweet rhyme at all :wink:
I really like the idea, that they have to bring it back for their parents! I can imagine the know-it-all Thornmouth, who has a head full of ideas, where it could be, while the Weatherwatch runs around everywhere to search for it and so on…


i have an idea of how to make the storm destroy itself. how to form that. tell the story of someone whos been convicted of a crime, something so drastic only death can answer for it. tell how the man comes to grips with this, runs from his home and hurls himself into the abyss, to generalize it drastically.

make it rationalized as what the mans done is so bad, nothing else can answer for it. he cannot repent unless he makes the ultimate sacrifice.


I think it could be really effective. I worry it may border on the bounds of being a bit dark if not done carefully. Remember part of the storm is boy it may just panic h8m into despair and split off the one part we have the best chance of reasoning with.

But hey give it a try.


I agree with Robert, here; it’s a pretty dark concept for the child consciousness we’re apparently trying to convince. I’m also not sure that burying the story in metaphor is the best move this time, given that both Teddy and the Silver seem to have mentioned in their stories to Nate exactly what it was they wanted. We want the Book of Briars, first and foremost. Disbanding the Storm would be great, too, of course, but even if we’re whimsical with how we portray the characters and the setting, I feel like we should try to be pretty explicit that we want a very particular locked magiqal book. Thoughts?


I was going to say, don’t we want the Storm to bring the past BoB to the present? (Apologies if we have moved past this, I am trying my best to keep up to date). Having the Storm effectively kill itself ruins our one chance of making that happen, no?


i wasnt really trying to say to do it now, more so when we want it to disband.


We want to tell the storm to dissipate after it brings us the book of briars. Teddy said only the person who controls the storm can end it. And hopefully after brining us the book.we still have control.

I do think we should have a plan in place for this in case we find ourselves still in control. It would be a golden opportunity to bring back the Book and simultaneously remove the greatest threat to the book.

Otherwise the storm might destroy the new book 5 minutes after we bring it here. I doubt the council has the strength to protect it.