Back to the Future Part One: Calling the Corners



Tfw when you’re already perfectly NW and you don’t have to move


First look upon the red horizon
All awakened by my force
I am the mother and the son,
the rising sun my source.



Mornings called me many names, gravity and untouched things
Though I am but a force unseen carried on imagined wings



As fire hangs midway in the sky
Move the ground to summon me
But only fire and force will show what I can truly be.


Thornmouth—Thought—Lighthouse mug (bonus Thornmouth symbol!)

Night black curtains drape the world
Memory and misery, rage and reason too
All are born inside of me, and I am born in you

Mug from the lighthouse that ultimately convinced me to study maritime history/nautical archaeology (fancy way of saying shipwrecks). It taught me about a rich history of shipwrecks on the California coast that I had heard very little about. I now research forgotten tragedies and buried wrecks

It keeps me company on long nights of study and research, and is often filled with earl grey tea like the tea I got with my father on our exploratory road trips (exploration is another form of research). On these trips we debated philosophy and considered our place in the universe.

It was given to my by my mother when I went to college to study history to remind of my home and to encourage me to feed my boundless curiosity.



Day grows weary, night awakes
Five moons call to the water
A careful step upon the land but sea is too my daughter.



The darkened world is stirring now
Before dawn breaks its silence
Life and death move hand in hand, the minuet of violence


Holy shit my internet crashed


Looks like the Storm got him! Time to pack our bags and head for the bunkers!


A little more optimism please! :cold_sweat:
But if thats the case I totally want that eco system bottle!


You can have it if im taken xD


Nice job guys! :weatherwatch: :gossmere: :flinterforge: :thornmouth: :ebenguard: :balimora:

Let’s hope this worked!


Corners called! Now lets hope we gathered enough magiq between us to help fuel them tomorrow!!


Great job Calling the Corners, team #1!

:weatherwatch: :gossmere: :flinterforge: :ebenguard: :thornmouth: :balimora:


Good job everyone, but this is far from Over. Now it’s up to the rest of the Mountaineers. Don’t let us down!



The horse is a figurine covered in images of suns and moons. It’s a figure named Sky of Enchantment from The Trail of Painted Ponies. The tide is caused by the moon, so I thought it would do justice as well as in Greek myth, horses were born of the sea.

For personal significance, I honestly have no knowledge of how this figure came to me. I have other figures from The Trail of Painted Ponies, but this one just appeared one day among my possessions, and I’ve loved it ever since. I always had a love for the astronomy, and for the Sky, so this beautiful horse just reinforced how enchanted I was.


Bravo Zulu Mounties.

Thanks for everyone who helped call the Corners whether doing the spell or spectating and lending us your magiqal energy. Thank you for everyone who put in work to help plan this, especially @Ravenwing and @Ashburn for organizing this chaos today.


The necklace pictured here is one that my dad bought me in my childhood. It is handmade from clay and I’ve carried it with me ever since. I wasn’t sure if clay would count as ore so I also added a geode from the creek in the woods behind my great grandfathers house. There are a lot of great childhood memories at that house and the wood that surrounds it.


Yes, @Ashburn and @Ravenwing did organize this whole thing and must be commended for their efforts (even if I did kind of throw a wrench in the plan by not responding in a mannerly time :sweat_smile: )


@Griffin You’re good! It all worked out. :wink: