Back to the Future Part One: Calling the Corners



What time do you prefer?

  • Friday 10pm EST
  • Saturday 3pm EST

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@Ashburn @OracleSage @Griffin @Smurfette @Cj_Heighton


The homecoming game is tonight from 7-9ish. I can get home if I leave early, it’d be a close call.

EDIT: if I left early it wouldn’t be a close call because I’d be leaving early! But I’m still going to the game tonight so … :sweat:

EDIT EDIT: actually I’ll just listen to the poll

EDIT^3: Annnnd it’s tied


Two of the people who voted aren’t officially on this spell but even taking that into account, it’s still tied…


Yeah, I get off work at 10 tonight and should be done with the work lunch by 3 tomorrow, so both work for me (so helpful, I know).


Whatever we do, we need to sort it soon.

Either time works for me, so I don’t mind either way. If some people can’t make a time we will have to start looking for replacements.

EDIT: Based on the polls it looks like this is going down tonight, who can make it?

@Ashburn @Smurfette @Griffin @Cj_Heighton @Ravenwing


I can’t then. I planned around doing tomorrow when it was talked about the 22nd


Well, if no one lets us know before ten we may end up having to do it at three tomorrow anyway. Frankly, I don’t mind either way.


If @Smurfette can’t make it, @Ginger offered. I can edit the map if need be. Does 10pm EST work for everyone else?

@Ashburn @OracleSage @Griffin @Cj_Heighton??


Works if I need to cover.
I’m in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada currently


10 should work for me, it’s the same show tonight in the smaller theatre as last night, so there shouldn’t be a lot of loitering.


Ok so I just wanted to put this down here. As far as I’m hearing, here is the honor guard:

:white_check_mark: Weatherwatch (Light) : @Ashburn, Gainesville, FL
:white_check_mark: Gossmere (Aether): @OracleSage, Bucks County PA, USA.
Flinterforge (Ore): @Griffin, Southern Indiana
:white_check_mark: Thornmouth (Thought): @Ravenwing, southern WI
:white_check_mark: Ebenguard (Tides): @Ginger , Lethbridge, AB, Canada
:white_check_mark: Balimora (Wild): @Cj_Heighton, Kamloops, BC, Canada

I also updated the map.

The plan is 10 pm EST tonight.
If that does not work and you are listed here or if there is anything wrong with the map please let us know!

Also, if you wish to take part and are not listed let us know! We could always use more people to strengthen the spell! :slight_smile:

Side note: Are we live streaming this or just doing it at 10pm EST on our own? I am not the best with technology, so I don’t know about setting that up… :sweat_smile:

edit: just realized that autocorrect screwed up Balimora. Sorry!
edit2: I was just looking at this post and said, out loud to myself, “God I love charts”, which is either the most Thornmouth thing I’ve said today or just proves how weird I am. Possibly both.
edit 3: putting checkmarks by the names of the people who have confirmed this works.
edit4: put names in order.


We can do this one of two ways, a hangout stream or like the last calling of corners (we just took photos of our objects and posted them)
@Endri What do you think?


I think the easiest would be posting photos if that’s alright with all of you…
For anyone who wasn’t around for the last calling, here’s a link to the relevant parts.


So I grabbed the spell stuff from Frag 8:


@Endri Can we post our items now to be ready or should we wait till ten?


I think wait because last time the callers posted in order so everyone knew who was next in line?


Ok! So I believe we should probably start with @Ashburn then because the spell starts with Light and then move counterclockwise around?


Once the party at the desk clears off I’ll get the picture ready to go for later.

Were we putting the Operation Aorthora sigils in the photos as well for an extra boost?
And if so, which should I use? Weatherwatch for the element I’m covering? Ebenguard for my own guild? The general one?


I don’t think the spell required a certain direction, so go with whoever’s ready. Good luck, guys!


Thanks Endri!
Okay guys, we start at 10!