Back to the Future Part One: Calling the Corners



It almost looks like a slingshot. A slingshot primed to fling magiq at the Storm.

And the pulled back part is pointing the magiq projectile at NY, awesome!


Oooo didn’t notice that. That’s freakin awesome!.

Let loose the magic missile of protection!


Sorry if that last post wasn’t clear; I meant to say that as Griffin had already volunteered, I would bow out to focus on the Lantern spell, which was what I officially volunteered for. However, if others aren’t available, you did correctly plot my location and I’m happy to stand in as the FF spellcaster if needed.

EDIT: Is the order more or less important than making a non-crossing shape with our locations?


Whoops, sorry! I’ll fix that!


Correct. Just a non crossing shape. Order is not important. You are each making one of the 6 lines of the hexagon. As long as each side is drawn clearly and cleanly it doesn’t matter when they are drawn.


Fixing the map, just need @Griffin 's general location :slight_smile:


I have something, who do I message for what it is? Also when’s this going down? Gotta make sure I’m not working or at RenFest


Wow you guys are organised :grin: What did you guys need me to do??


@Skylad, it seems they’ve got the basic six for the Calling, so you could either help with this as an extra entity, which could be potentially helpful, we don’t know. Or, the two of us could split ourselves between the other parts (The Sound of the Storm and Telling the Tallest Tale). Both of them need people to work, and I think that could work better so that we can spread the Weatherwatch spell love. Whatever works for you! I’m currently volunteered for both, since I was a part of Gladitor and I would also love to be a part of Telling the Tallest Tale, but I can take a back seat for Part 2 and focus on Part 3, or vice versa!


If you want Telling the tale I’ll take storm. Give me two shakes and I’ll catch up on it :grin:


Hey, @Endri I just want to make sure that we have the time right.
We are doing this at four pm this afternoon, correct? Is it smart to gather that much magiq and than have to “hold” it for 24 hours? Just let us know!


Indiana, Jeffersonvile/ Sellersburg area
Aka Southern Indiana


We can Call The Corners at any time from now until tomorrow (per our previous experience) but we shouldn’t try and hear or control the Storm until Cole has called it out. Which will be tomorrow at 4pm EDT.


Ok so I updated the map.

As is (i.e. making a non crossing shape), the order goes:
Gossmere —> Flinterforge—> Thornmouth —>Balimora —> Ebenguard—> Weatherwatch —> Gossmere

Also, we could do this tonight. Is everyone free tonight at around 8pm EST? I know it’s short notice, but factoring in the timezones of everyone that seems like it would work.

@Ashburn @OracleSage @Griffin @Smurfette @Cj_Heighton


What time could we call the corners?

  • Friday 8pm EST
  • Friday 10pm EST
  • Saturday 11am EST
  • Saturday 3pm EST

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@Ashburn @OracleSage @Griffin @Smurfette @Cj_Heighton


I’m available at all of those times so if you need an extra body, just let me know.

But looks like you lot got it covered.


I have a 8:15 movie with my best friend, in treating her all tonight and got her tons of presents since she wasn’t here Monday for her birthday. But 8:00 est is 7:00 here


Does 10pm work for everyone or do we really prefer Saturday. Because if that’s true then I need to get someone to cover my shift.


Maybe check the polls? If it’s tonight I need someone to cover me


@Ginger offered to cover if we need it. I’ll make another poll to narrow it down.