Back to the Future Part One: Calling the Corners



Yep I’m available, I think it happens at 0500 my time but I can wake up :grin:


Okay, so I have some free time this morning and I decided that I wanted to try and help organize our spell teams for all three teams so that we can be more or less ready to go for the 23rd (gosh that date is getting really close). So I kind of wanted to get a feel for who exactly is working on which components for the Calling the Corners spell that way everyone is on the same page when it comes to the spell execution. By the end of today, I hope that I can have a summary post for all of the threads.

So the first matter is this: who is going to represent each element? We have six elements (Light, Aether, Ore, Tides, Though, and Wild) that need to be represented by six separate individuals, preferably one of each guild representing their element, but this is not required (as stated by many others before me). Thus far, the volunteers are these plus @Skylad. If anyone else wants to volunteer, please do so today if you can (Sidenote: if you volunteered but can’t, knowing that info would also be good).

The second matter is the time of casting. @Ginger brought up that the Storm is attracted to magiq, so she suggested that we cast the spell just before the Phase 2 folks start to protect us all. From what I can tell, though the casting doesn’t always have an instantaneous effect, so casting it a bit before might be necessary. In addition, we’re going to try to be working this across time zones, so keeping those in mind is important. Right now I think that the casting time for Phase 2 (I think, though it might be for both Phase 2 and 3) is 4 pm EDT (3 pm CDT, 2 pm MDT, 1 pm PDT, 9 pm BST, 6 am AEST [Sorry @Skylad, I don’t know the exact timezone you’ll be in at the time]). So, we should clarify when this spell is being cast so that all of our volunteers can be sure that they can contribute.

Past that, the things left to figure out are more logistical. For instance, is there going to be any sort of organized stream for the casting of the spell? Will more than 6 individuals be able to contribute? Does everyone have an object for the spell? I will leave that to the volunteers to decide since this is their casting. Other than that, I’m not sure what else to say, other than “Good Luck, Mountie.” We’re going to need it.


From what I read the last time there was a Calling of the Corners, those involved needed to face the next person in the chain. We should probably sort out the order and which direction each of us will need to face to create the shape.


So, going by the volunteer list at the top (also please reply with general location so I can put it on the post):

Weatherwatch (Light) : @Ashburn, Gainesville, FL
Gossmere (Aether): @OracleSage, Bucks County PA, USA.
Flinterforge (Ore): @Griffin, Southern Indiana
Ebenguard (Tides): @Ginger , Lethbridge, AB, Canada
Thornmouth (Thought): @Ravenwing, southern WI
Balimora (Wild): @Cj_Heighton, Kamloops, BC, Canada


Oh, sorry! Jumped in to point out we were missing a Weatherwatcher; I think Griff has it well in hand. :wink:


If Griffin can’t, then I know Ashburn said that they had an idea for either Light or Tides, so they could do Light and Smurfette could do Tides.


Fixed it


Bucks County PA, USA.


Kamloops, british columbia, canada


Also do we want to include what our object is going to be/a picture of it? Just to make sure we all have our stuff together?

Edit: I’m using a lighthouse mug that was given to me by my mother on a road trip. It is where I started to get interested in maritime history and actually began pursuing it as a career/research focus. I also drink out of it during late night study sessions. (It works on two Thornmouthian/thought fronts :wink: )


I’m using a Dream Jar that was given to me as a gift by a dear friend, so that’s Aether down. I believe last time we just posted pictures? I am sure @Endri will give us more info.

Also are we doing this at 4>?


@OracleSage I thought the general consensus was 4pm (someone correct me if I’m wrong). Also, if we do it any earlier, we need a new Thornmouth because I get out of work at 4pm EST. Feel free to replace me, but we need to do it quick if it’s before 4!

edit: This scanned as aggressive in my head and I didn’t mean it that way.


I thought 4 pm EDT was for the other components. Unless we’re casting all 3 parts back to back to back, shouldn’t this be cast earlier?


Gainesville, FL for me.

If I’m doing Tides, I have a photo I developed of a piece of sea glass naturally shaped like a heart that I found back in high school. The tides took the broken glass and transformed it into the smooth heart shape that I found, then the developing chemicals moved in a kind of tidal motion when I was developing the photo in the dark room.

If I’m needed for Light, I have a small keychain light that I got during a 5k adventure run (my first race). It helped me find my way through the scavenger hunt at the end of the race, as well as all of the times after that I used it at work backstage.

Edit to add: And if time keeps Ravenwing from being able to cover Thought, and there are no other Thornmouths available, I have a few NaNoWriMo brain children that a lot of thought went into.


I live in Sugarland, Texas bear Houston…
But just to clarify what exactly am I doing? Just because it was never specified and I did mention I’m not very creative… :thinking::flushed:
Lost and confused


My understanding (purely from reading up on it) was we face the direction of the next person in line (would be toward the physical location of our Thornmouth), and say the part of the poem thing related to our element with our item that represents it.

Here’s the wiki page about the last time it was done:


We could do 4pm, 5pm, and 6pm respectively? Again, it doesn’t matter if I can or can’t participate, but I’m pretty sure 4pm-6pm was what the poll results were. Also, if everyone is available, and since this is not necessarily time sensitive, we could do it tomorrow (Friday night)?


Also, I’m making a basic map of where we will be facing. Just waiting for @Viviane! :slight_smile:


We are doing the “Calling the Corners” spell.

You are covering “Tides”, meaning you should find an important object to represent that element. If you can’t, just let us know soon and we can try and find an alternate! :slight_smile:


Assuming Viviane’s bio is up to date, here is a tentative map of the spell directions:

Follow same colored line as guild symbol to find the direction you should face. :slight_smile: