Back to the Future Part One: Calling the Corners



Awesome, I love this idea! (Now just to find a printer :joy:)


Hey guys! Since it’s been a while since the original Calling of the Corners, I thought it’d help to have a little refresher:

Brendon - Light
Mike - Ore
Chordie - Thought
MegaDraco - Tides
Crytter - Aether
Kelsey - Wild

And the spell itself is:
First look upon the red horizon
All awakened by my force
I am the mother and the son, the rising sun my source.

Morning’s called me many names
Gravity and untouched things
Though I am but a force unseen carried on imagined wings

As fire hangs midway in the sky
Move the ground to summon me
But only fire and force will show what I can truly be.

Day grows weary, night awakes
Five moons call to the water
A careful step upon the land but sea is too my daughter

Night black curtains drape the world
Memory and misery, rage and reason too
All are born inside of me, and I am born in you

The darkened world is stirring now
Before dawn breaks its silence
Life and death move hand in hand, the minuet of violence

Also, Deeds finished off the spell with her poem The Sea


I went perusing through Fragment Eight to find the verses and parts of this spell on @Robert 's behalf.

In order, the above verses correspond to the below guilds and elements:

Weatherwatch - Light
Gossmere - Aether
Flinterforge - Ore
Ebenguard - Tides
Thornmouth - Thought
Balimora - Wild

Quoting how this spell works in all its parts just for reference:



Well … that’s awkward @Revenir


Oh no, that was a ninja of epic proportions. :joy:




Okay so we will need a Weatherwatch rep and we will have to decide on a Ebbie. Perhaps one of the two could take of WW if the problem arises?


So ore… could i just use like minerals/ gemstones?


As long as it has personal significance, sure.


I found something for Tides, but I’ll keep an eye out for something I could use for Light just in case. (I often work with light, you wouldn’t think it’d be hard)


Just a thought
I’ll put it here because …???


Isn’t the Storm drawn to Magiq?
So by doing this spell beforehand, aren’t we prematurely drawing out the Storm?
Is that what we want? If it comes will our safeguards hold since they’re weakening?
Or do we want to do it on the same day so that when the Storm comes we’re ready for it with the other Spell?

I don’t know. Thought.


If we hold off, and I understand the wisdom in doing so, that would give the spell so little time to take affect. Perhaps we do it Saturday, but before the others begin to cast?


It was by no means a statement if we should change our plan.

Just something to consider while it’s being cast.
Maybe incorporating the sigils is a really good idea and the right way to go …?


I believe so, I have also been a tad worried about our lowering defenses against the storm (which seems to be getting stronger)

I think any extra magiq we can get in there is a good idea!


I’ll hold the shield.

IT can probably hold back the storm a bit, but only for a small amount of time.


Okay, I have narrowed it down to four objects for Aether (Gossmere)

(Un)owl Statue: made of snow obsidian with huge circular eyes carved into it, I have always just kind of had it, something I vaugely remember my mom buying me when I was young. I used to have it on my bedside table when I was afraid.

Friendship Bracelet: this one is from my early years. I was really into greek mythology and my friend was into norse mythology, I made us both bracelets that spelled out our two favorite figures of our respective mythologies. My best friends was Fenris (The wolf) and mine was Eros (The greek cupid). That was the start of a period of time for me where everything felt perfect, I had a great friend group and it is the happiest I remember ever being.

The Box: If you can’t tell by now I was a HUGE nerd as a child (I totally grew out of that, as you can tell :wink: )
when I turned 11 my father carved me a box, it was large and heavy, with our surname burned into the cover. Inside are a dagger and a wand, both carved out of wood. The inside cover of the box reads "The Magic Lies Within, happy 11th birthday “Oracle” "

The Dream Jar: My friend brought it back for me when she took a trip to New Mexico, she had bought it from a local artisin and said she had immediently thought of me when she saw it (Which made me tear up a lil)

For obvious reasons all these objects hold really special places in my heart, but I am trying to figure out which one holds more true to the concepts of Aether.


I’d like to volunteer as a back up for this.


@Skylad, @WarriorRose, and @Furia, are any of you helping on this one? Unless someone from another guild is doing light, we need a Weatherwatch to call the corners, though I’m not totally sure of all of the requirements of the spell, so I guess we might not need one…


So what day are we doing the spell again?
Edit:… is it the 23rd?


I thought of something for Light if none of the Weatherwatch are available. Have one for Tides otherwise.